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The number of pet surrenders is increasing as more and more pet owners struggle to maintain the income needed to care for their pets. We want to stop this from happening. My Pet Child helps pet owners find non-profits and charities that may offer temporary support, whether that's subsidizing vet bills or donating free pet food and supplies.


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My Dog Threw Up Mysterious Green Chunks – Top 3 Reasons Why

Dogs may throw up green chunks due to a number of causes such as stomach upsets and intestinal blockage.

My Dog Keeps Gagging but Doesn’t Throw Up – Top 3 Reasons Why

Dogs may continue to gag but not throw up due to a number of causes such as the development of respiratory diseases.

Dog Keeps Stretching Back Legs and Vomiting – Top 3 Reasons Why

The habit of vomiting and stretching of the back legs may indicate the dog is feeling severe abdominal pain.

My Dog is Licking Everything and Throwing Up – Top 3 Reasons Why

Dogs may throw up and lick everything in their path due to a number of causes including gastrointestinal distress and nausea.

Diabetic Dog Throws Up Undigested Food – Top 3 Reasons Why

Diabetic dogs may throw up undigested food for a number of reasons, including direct and indirect factors of diabetes.

Puppy Vomits Undigested Food Hours After Eating – Top 3 Reasons Why

Puppies may throw up undigested foods due to their eating habits.

My Dog Threw Up and Ate His Own Vomit – Top 3 Reasons Why

Dogs may develop a strange behavior of eating their own vomit for a variety of reasons. Not all of these reasons are cause for concern.

My Dog Threw Up Blood Clots – Top 3 Reasons Why

Dogs may throw up blood clots du to a number of causes like internal bleeding and infections.

My Dog Threw Up Brown Liquid – Top 3 Reasons Why

Dogs may throw up brown liquid due to a number of reasons, such as eating something toxic or due to major health problems like intestinal blockage.

My Dog Threw Up Specks of Blood – Top 3 Reasons Why

Bloody vomits can be a sign of something serious. A number of reasons may explain the presence of blood, including gastrointestinal irritation and presence of parasites.

My Dog is Vomiting Daily but Acting Normal – Top 3 Reasons Why

Gastrointestinal disorders and irregular eating habits may explain dogs that vomit daily but act normal.

My Dog is Lethargic, Not Eating and Throwing Up – Top 3 Reasons Why

Dogs may become lathergic and throw up while not eating any food. This could point to various health conditions like Addison’s disease.

3 Easy Home Remedies for Dogs with an Upset Stomach and Vomiting

Certain home remedies may help reduce the discomfort and pain felt from vomiting and an upset stomach.

Dog Throws Up During Fireworks or a Loud Storm – What to Do Next

Dogs may throw up as a sign of distress after a firework or a storm.

My Dog is Throwing Up Pink Frothy Foam – Top 3 Reasons Why

When dogs throw up pink foam, it may point to irritation and discomfort in the upper half of the dog’s gastrointestinal tract.

My Dog Has Bad Gas Suddenly and is Vomiting – Top 3 Reasons Why

The combination of vomiting and bad gas would typically indicate there are issues with the dog’s digestive system and diet.

Dog Throws Up After Drinking Water – Top 3 Reasons Why

Dogs can throw up for a variety of random reasons, one of which is when dogs throw up after drinking water. The severity of the cause can range from harmless to serious. Here are the most common reasons for dogs that do throw up after drinking water.

Dog Throwing Up Foamy and Frothy Yellow Vomit – Top 3 Reasons Why

The throwing up of yellow foam may indicate an issue with the dog’s stomach being empty for too long of a period.

Dog Vomiting Blood and Mucus but Acting Normal – Top 3 Reasons Why

The appearance of blood and mucus in a dog’s vomit may indicate there is a lot of irritation somewhere along the dog’s digestive tract.

My Dog Ate a Glow Stick or Glow Jewelry – What to Do Next

Glow sticks and glow jewelry have the potential to cause harm. The main risk comes from the irritation caused by the substance inside the glow stick.

My Dog Ate a Band Aid – What to Do Next

Swallowing band aids increases the risks of choking and intestinal blockage.

My Dog Ate an Absorbent Meat Pad – What to Do Next

Absorbent meat pads can be a great danger to dogs when ingested. The main problem is with intestinal blockage and choking.

My Dog Ate Foxtails – What to Do Next

Foxtails are more dangerous than most dog owners believe. Their sharp tips can get embedded inside the dog’s body and cause a lot of harm.

My Dog Ate the Kong Toy Rubber – What to Do Next

The ingestion of Kong toys may introduce health risks like choking and bowel obstruction.

My Dog Ate Pieces of a Rubber Ball – What to Do Next

Rubber balls can pose a health threat to dogs if they were to accidentally ingest them. The main risk is with blockage and choking.