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Dog Guards Pooping
Dog Behaviors

Is your dog not following his regular pooping schedule? Has he not pooped for three or four days? Find out what may is causing this to happen.

Dog Urination
Dog Behaviors

Is your dog or puppy not following his regular peeing schedule? Find out how long they can hold their pee and associated problems.

Dog Falling Wobbly
Dog Behaviors

Does your dog suddenly pace around a lot and doesn’t like to lie down? Find out what might be causing this concerning behavior.

Dog Ate Foil
Dog Health

Did your dog accidentally come across and eat some aluminum foil? Find out what you should immediately to help your dog’s stomach.

Dog Health

Is your dog suddenly breathing fast, but not necessarily panting? Find out what may cause this behavior among dogs.

Pregnant Puppies
Dog Health

Are you concerned by the heavy breathing and panting of your pregnant dog? Find out what may cause this concerning behavior.

Dog Drinking Water
Dog Health

Is your old dog losing weight despite having a seemingly-healthy diet and drinking plenty of water? Find out what may cause this concern.