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Dog Ownership Regret
Getting a Dog

Google search trends show that people in the US regret getting a new dog(s) the most during the month of July and December.

Dog Barking
Dog Health

Find out why your dog is suddenly yelping in pain randomly. This change in behavior could be caused by health or environmental factors.

Dog Shivering and Shaking
Dog Behavior

Here are four reasons for dogs to have a sudden change in behavior to their caretakers. Do they truly not like you or is it something else?

Dog Urine Smell
Dog Health

Find out why your dog’s urine has a strong ammonia smell, and ways to eliminate the dog urine smell from the house.

Dog Ate Plastic Bag
Dog Care

Did your dog accidentally eat a plastic bag thinking it’s food? Here are the immediate steps required to keep your dog safe.

Laser Pointer Dogs
Dog Training

Find out why you shouldn’t use a laser pointer when playing with dogs. Laser pointers can have long-term consequences on a dog’s mental health.

Dog Sleeping on Bed
Dog Behaviors

Does your dog like to sleep betwen you and your wife or husband? There’s not a lot to worry about. Here are some common reasons why.