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Dogs and Cats
Dog Health

It’s hard to say how long a dog can live with canine distemper. Go to your vet right away so your dog’s symptoms can be dealt with.

Dog Scratching
Dog Behaviors

Your dog constantly scratching and biting himself can be pesky to you as a pet owner, but think about how your dog feels if left untreated.

Scared Dog
Dog Behaviors

It’s tempting to give extra love and affection when your dog seems sad all of a sudden, however, it only reinforces the negative behavior.

Dog Growling
Dog Behaviors

There are a lot of reasons why your dog bites you when you pet him. If you want to behavior to stop, you have to use positive reinforcement.

Dog Bowl
Dog Behaviors

If your dog is making loud stomach noises and won’t eat, go to your vet right away. Be ready with the alarming symptoms that you have seen.

Dog's Eyes Rolling Back
Dog Health

Knowing how to comfort a dog with a fever, without going to the vet, can be helpful in treating minor infections or inflammations.

Dog Sleeping
Dog Health

Your dog feels cold to touch because he might be experiencing hypothermia. Know that in severe cases this condition may be fatal.