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Dog Pees
Dog Behaviors

Does your dog pee every time he sees you, even if you were gone for only a short while? Find out what’s causing this unwanted behavior.

Dog Sleeping
Dog Behaviors

Why does your dog sleep on your clothes and not on his bed? Here are the most common reasons for this behavior among dogs.

Dog Urination
Dog Behaviors

Is your dog suddenly peeing on you or other people? Is it a sign of dominance? Find out the most common reasons for this behavior.

Scared Dog
Dog Health

Is your dog suddenly shaking and not eating anything that you give him (even his favorite treats)? Find out what’s causing this change in behavior.

Washing a Dog
Dog Care

Read this first before you wash your dog with dish soap or any other type of soap that’s not designed for animal use.

Dog Visit Vet
Dog Care

Did your silly dog swallow a sock? Here’s how you should act in this emergency situation. Best to call your vet as soon as possible.

Dog Cheese
Dog Health

Does your dog suddenly have a funky cheese smell? Here are some medical and lifestyle reasons that may cause the stench.