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Animal Shelter Fundraiser Awards

Fundraiser Awards is hosting its inaugural fundraising awards to recognize those who have made an important contribution to the upkeep of rescue animals around the country. The awards will be given to volunteers and non-profits that ran the best fundraising campaigns despite the challenges introduced by covid-19.

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Due to unforeseen cirmcumstances, we are postponing the awards. We apologize to everyone who have shown great interest. We hope to come back bigger with more prizes.

Award Categories and Eligibilty

Submissions are now open for the following categories:

Volunteer Fundraiser of the Year

Award for the best fundraising campaign by a volunteer. The winner will receive $1,000 and another $1,500 will be donated to a non-profit rescue animal organization of the volunteer's choice.
Submission Eligibility

Organization Fundraiser of the Year

Award for the best fundraising campaign by a non-profit organization. The organization with the winning campaign will receive a donation of $2,500.
Submission Eligibility

Judging Criteria

The submissions for both award categories will be judged on the following criteria:

Creativity and Planning

The most creative fundraising campaigns will be able to show how they were able to plan through all the challenges set by the covid-19 pandemic. Whether you went with a virtual fundraising event or an offline event with social distancing procedures, we want to know more about your creativity in setting up a not-so-ordinary fundraiser event.

Execution and Implementation

We want to know more about the steps you took to execute and implement the fundraising campaign. What were the key challenges you had to overcome as you went from idea to execution?

Results and Impact

Last but not least, we want to know what impact (both monetary and non-monetary) your fundraising campaign had for the beneficiary organization and its surrounding community.

Awards FAQ

We've included the most common questions about the awards here. Can't find an answer? Please get in touch by emailing us at awards {at}

How many submissions can be made by an individual or organization?

Only one submission is allowed per individual or non-profit organization.

Can we put in a nomination for both categories?

Absolutely yes. You can put in a nomination for both award categories. Please, however, note the requirements. For example, the volunteer award is only applicable to fundraising events that are not run by employees of the non-profit organization.

Can I nominate an international fundraising campaign?

Yes, nominations can be submitted for international fundraising campaigns as long as the organization that hosted the event is US-based.

What happens after I submit an entry?

We will confirm your entry via email. Next, just sit back and wait until we announce the winner in the date stated above.

Is there any cost to enter?

No, it's completely free to enter the Animal Shelter Fundraiser Awards by

What happens if I win?

You will be contacted by via email on next steps.