Why Your Cat Peed on the Bed in Front of You

Cat Bed

Some cat owners may find themselves in a situation when a cat pees on the bed. This is despite providing the cat with a box filled with fresh litter. Why would a cat pee on the bed in front of their owners? Here are some reasons why.

Your Cat Has a Urinary Infection

It might have been an accident. The cat may have peed on the bed in front of you because he wasn’t able to control his peeing behavior. The cat might have a medical problem like urinary tract infection. Such conditions may lead to cats peeing more frequently in places outside of the cat litter box.

Cats will also feel pain when they are sick and this may make them want to pee in a comfortable place. What’s more comfortable than a spot right next to their family member? You should take your cat to the vet if the bed peeing becomes a regular behavior.

The Litter Box is Dirty

The cat may also be suddenly peeing on your bed because the litter box is dirty. Cats are clean creatures and a dirty litter box will be the bane of their existence. As a general rule of thumb, cat litter should be replaced twice a week. The frequency, however, will depend on the type of litter you use. Clumping cat litter, for example, could be changed less frequently.

Stressed or Anxious Cats

Cats may also pee on the bed in front of you when they are stressed or anxious. A recent change in the household might be enough to trigger this undesired behavior.

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