Christmas Cactus is Not Toxic or Poisonous to Cats

Christmas Cactus

As cat owners, we need to be careful about what plants we grow at home because certain plants are known to be highly toxic to cats. Fortunately, this doesn’t apply to the Christmas cactus plant. According to the ASPCA, this popular indoor plant is not considered toxic to cats.

There are, however, certain instances when we need to be careful of having Christmas cactus plants around cats. For example, you should not let your cat near the plant if you have applied chemical pesticide products. Christmas cactus are known to attract pests like aphids and fungus gnats so some people may decide to apply chemicals in order to eradicate the pests.

Some cats may also be allergic to the substances found in Christmas cactus plants. Also, if your cat is known for having a sensitive stomach then you should try and make sure he isn’t able to chew on the plant. Keep the Christmas cactus in an area of the house your cat can’t easily reach.

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