Is it Safe for Cats to Eat Cashew Nuts?

We wouldn’t recommend letting your cat eat cashew nuts. They aren’t toxic for your feline friends but they aren’t a necessity for a cat’s diet either. The reason you shouldn’t feed cat cashew nuts is due to the high fat content.

A cat’s stomach isn’t designed to handle the nutritional content of cashews and other types of nuts. Eating one or two nuts is unlikely to cause problems, but anything more may lead to your cat suffering from digestion issues. They could develop conditions and symptoms like stomach upsets and diarrhea.

And we were only talking about plain cashews. Now, consider cashew products that are seasoned or flavored with additional ingredients. Some of these flavored cashew nuts may include ingredients that are actually harmful for cats. This may include chocolate cashews, garlic pepper cashews, and heavily-salte cashews.

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Cashew Nuts

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