Cat Product Reviews

Best Dental Cat Toothpaste & Toothbrush Approved by My Two Cats

What cat toothpaste and toothbrush you use will make a huge difference to whether your cats will fight or stay calm while having their teeth brushed.

Best Cat Window Perches & Beds for Multiple Cats

Cats love to lounge in the sun and there is no better place for a cat to do it than on a cat window perch. This is what we recommend for multiple cats.

Best Cat Water Fountains for Multiple Cats

We never have to worry about our cats not drinking when we have this pet water fountain set up at home.

Best Cat Toys – The Toys Our Two Cats Enjoy When Bored

We know how picky cats can be with their toys. Here is a list of the best toys our cats had the most fun with so far.

Best Cat litters as Chosen by Our Two Cats

Our two cats, Cloud and Mocha, helped us review the best cat litters. Here is the final winner and why we thought it was the best of the bunch.