Dog Behaviors

Dogs are full of quirky, strange, and fun behaviors. Many of these behaviors are harmless but some of these can end up being concerning and point to underlying health problems. Learn more about the different behaviors associated with dogs.

How to Stop Your Dog from Licking the Pillow & Bedding

Here are a couple of simple ways to stop your dog from licking the pillow and other bedding material.

Why Your Dog Randomly Stares at the Ceiling

Is there something supernatural your dog is noticing? Here are a few reasons why your dog likes to randomly stare at the ceiling.

What to Do if Your Dog Only Eats Cat Food

Here are some reasons why your dog might only eat cat food and ways to stop this from happening.

How You Can Tell if Your Dog Likes Being Picked Up

Not all dogs like being picked up. Just like us, dogs have their preferences and it’s important to be able to read their body language to know what they like and don’t like.

Why Your Dog Growls When Playing Tug of War

Should you be concerned by your dog growling whenever you play tug of war?

Dogs Don’t Heal Faster Than Humans

Sometimes, it may seem like dogs have superpowers, especially after recovering from an injury, but the reality is that they don’t heal faster than us.

What to Do if Your Dog Killed Your Other Dog

It’s a dog owners worst nightmare when one of their dogs kills the other dog. Here are some steps to consider in this unfortunate situation.

Raw Meat Diet Doesn’t Make Your Dog Aggressive

Whoever is spreading the rumor that dogs become more aggressive when they are fed a raw diet should stop as there is no truth to it.

Why Your Dog Consistently Howls at 3 AM

Does your dog consistently howl at around 3 AM? Here are some common reasons why they may do this.

Why Your Dog is Flinching All of a Sudden

Has your dog been starting to flinch all a sudden especially when you try to touch him? Here are some reasons that may explain the flinching behavior.

Why Your Dog is Barking in His Crate at Night All a Sudden

Was your dog doing just fine in a crate until recently when he has suddenly started to bark all night long? Here are a few reasons why.

Why Your Dog Will Only Eat from Your Hand and Not from the Bowl

Here are some common reasons that may explain dogs that only eat food from the owner’s hand and not from the food bowl.

Why your Dog is Sniffing You More Than Usual

Here are the reasons why your dog might be sniffing you more often than usual.

Why Your Dog Stares at You in a Creepy Way

Here are some thoughts on why your dog may occasionally stare at you in a creepy way.

Why Your Dog Rubs His Head and Body Against You

Context is key. Here are the most common reasons why a dog may rub his head or body against you from time to time.

Why Your Dog Keeps Jumping Around After Being Neutered

Here are some common reasons why dogs may not stay calm and jump around constantly after a neutering procedure.

What to Do if Your Dog is Peeing for Attention

Here are the steps we suggest if your dog has started to pee in order to get your attention.

3 Reasons Why Your Dog Huffs and Puffs at You

Does your dog have a funny tendency to huff and puff in front of you? Here might be some reasons why they do this.

It’s Very Rare for Foxes to Attack and Eat Dogs

It can happen but it’s very rare for foxes to attack and eat dogs.

3 Reasons Why Dogs Howl When You Leave

Here are the most common reasons why some dogs have a tendency to howl whenever you leave the house.