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Dog Behaviors

Dog Behaviors

Why Your Dog Won’t Stop Licking His Private Parts

My dog won’t stop licking his private parts – this is a common problem with pet owners. This article may offer an explanation and solution.

How Often Do Puppies Poop at 8 Weeks?

Find out what’s considered normal as far as the pooping schedule and frequency of a 8 weeks puppy.

Why Your Dog is Always Itchy & Scratching But Has No Fleas

Is your dog feeling itchy and starting to scratch compulsively? Here are some reasons for this behavior despite there not being any fleas.

Why Your Old Dog isn’t Eating and Sleeping A Lot

Is your elderly dog not eating much and sleeping a lot? Find out what may be causing this concerning behavior.

What to Do When Your Dog Hasn’t Pooped in 3 or 4 Days

Is your dog not following his regular pooping schedule? Has he not pooped for three or four days? Find out what may is causing this to happen.

How Long Can Dogs and Puppies Go Without Peeing?

Is your dog or puppy not following his regular peeing schedule? Find out how long they can hold their pee and associated problems.

3 Reasons Why Your Dog Keeps Pacing And Won’t Lay Down

Does your dog suddenly pace around a lot and doesn’t like to lie down? Find out what might be causing this concerning behavior.