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Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Bury Their Food and Treats

You might just have a well-fed dog if they have a tendency to bury their food and treats.

Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Scratch and Shake their Head at Night

Your dog might be in pain or discomfort if he is constantly scratching and shaking his head at night.

Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Scratch and Dig the Bed

Bed digging and scratching isn’t something to worry about unless the behavior becomes compulsive and destructive.

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Dog is Panting and Whining

A combination of panting and whining is usually an indication that something is wrong with your dog.

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Dog Growls When You Pick Him Up

Dogs have different personalities. Some dogs may not enjoy being picked up as other dogs do.

Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Bark in their Sleep

Dogs experience dreams and nightmares just like we do.

Top 3 Reasons for Dogs that Suddenly Growl at Your Son or Daughter

It isn’t always a sign of aggression and fear when a dog starts to growl at specific family members such as your son and daughter.

Top 3 Reasons Why a Female Dog Whines While Carrying a Toy

Does your dog think the toy is her baby? A number of factors may explain female dogs that whine while carrying around a toy.

Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Whine While Lying Down

Your dog might be injured or sick if he is whining while lying down.

Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Howl at Sirens

Dogs may howl at sirens because they think it’s the noise of another dog howling.

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Dog Whines All the Time

Dogs can drive you crazy if they start to whine all the time. This behavior could be explained by a number of factors including poor health and stress.

Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Bark at Nothing

While it can be quite spooky, there is usually a valid reason for dogs that seemingly bark at nothing.

Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Don’t Chew Their Food

Dogs that don’t chew their food put themselves at great health risk.

Top 3 Reasons Why Puppies Chew and Bite the Crate Bars

It’s important to stop a puppy from chewing through the crate bar due to the risk of injuries.

Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Chew and Eat Plants

Dogs that may chew and eat plants due to harmless or harmful reasons. As curious animals, it’s in their nature to chew objects to get a better sense of the world around them.

Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Chew and Bite Your Hand

The intent of chewing an owner’s hand is usually harmless. It could be a sign of affection, play, and grooming.

Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Chew and Eat Your Underwear

The gross and sweaty state of used underwear might have just made your dog’s dream come true.

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Dog Chews on Everything

When dogs start to chew on everything (aka destructive chewing), you know there is a problem.

Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Chew on Wood and Sticks

Dogs may simply like the natural taste of wood. Sticks also resemble the shape of a dog’s favorite object, the bone.

Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Chew Their Paws and Feet

An underlying health issue may cause dogs to chew their paws and feet.

Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Bite and Chew Their Nails

Nail-biting is a behavior you want to prevent as fast as you can. It could eventually lead to bleeding if the biting becomes too excessive.

3 Reasons Why Your Dog is Afraid of Water Bottles

Does your dog run away as soon as you approach him with a water bottle? Here are three reasons why your dog might be scared of the bottle.

Why Your Dog Randomly Stares at the Ceiling

Is there something supernatural your dog is noticing? Here are a few reasons why your dog likes to randomly stare at the ceiling.

What to Do if Your Dog Only Eats Cat Food

Here are some reasons why your dog might only eat cat food and ways to stop this from happening.

How You Can Tell if Your Dog Likes Being Picked Up

Not all dogs like being picked up. Just like us, dogs have their preferences and it’s important to be able to read their body language to know what they like and don’t like.