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Dog Behaviors

Dog Behaviors

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass & Throw Up?

Find out the real reason why your dog likes to eat grass and weeds. Find out how you can prevent this strange behavior.

5 Reasons Why Your Dog Licks Your Face So Much

It’s cute until your dog starts to lick your face at every opportunity. Find out why they lick and what you can do about this common behavior.

Why Do Dogs Scratch or Kick the Ground After they Poop

Dogs are full of mystery. One of the funniest behaviors is when they kick or scratch the ground after they poop. Here’s why they do it.

4 Reasons Why Your Dog Likes to Hide Under the Bed

Does your dog like to hide under the bed? Here are four common reasons for this household behavior.

4 Reasons Why Female Dogs Try to Hump Your Leg & Other Dogs

No, it’s not because the dog is feeling horny. Here are four common reasons why female dogs like to hump and mount others.