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Dog Care

Dog Care

When Do Puppies Stop Nursing & Breastfeeding from Their Mother?

Commonly, when do puppies stop nursing from their mother? You can expect the weaning process to start at about six to eight weeks of life.

How to Prepare and Cook Chicken Livers for Dogs

If you know how to cook chicken livers for dogs, your pup will be so happy. His coat will be silkier and his eyesight will improve.

Best Ways to Remove a Tick from a Dog Without Hurting Him

One of the best ways to remove a tick from a dog safely is by using tweezers with a fine point. Or, you can use a tick remover hook.

Easiest Ways to Bathe a Dog Without Facing a Struggle

What are the best ways to bathe a dog without any struggle? Or, maybe the question is if it’s possible to make bath time enjoyable?

Quickest Ways to Get Dog Hair Off the Couch & Furniture

It’s annoying to realize that your house is covered in dog hair. What are the best ways to get dog hair off the couch and other furniture?

Why Your Dog’s Hair is Falling Out in Large Clumps

If your dog’s hair is falling out in large clumps, it could be normal, since dogs do shed regularly, or it could be because of a disease.

What to Do If Your Dog Won’t Eat His Food But Will Eat Treats

It’s cumbersome when your dog won’t eat his food but will eat treats. To be honest, he may have gotten this bad eating habit because of you.