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Dog’s Bed is Wet but Doesn’t Smell Like Urine – Top 4 Reasons

You see some wet spots on the dog’s bed but none of them smell like urine.

Dog Stinks Even After a Bath – Top 3 Reasons Why

Here are a few reasons why a dog may still stink after a bath.

Keeping a Dog in the Garage – Why You Should or Shouldn’t

Is it appropriate or even legal to keep a dog in the garage? Here are the factors to consider before arriving to a decision.

Why Your Dog is Drinking So Much Water After Getting Surgery

Here are the steps we recommend if you dog isn’t drinking water a while after getting surgery.

Why You Shouldn’t Leave Coconut Oil on Your Dog Overnight

Here are the reasons why we wouldn’t leave coconut oil on your dog overnight.

Why Withholding Water from Your Dog at Night is Dangerous

Withholding water from your dog is something we wouldn’t encourage dog owners to do unless it’s from the instructions of a vet.

Here’s Why It’s Unlikely for Eagles to Pick up a Dog

Here are some things for dog owners to consider if they live in an area that’s known for wild eagles and hawks.

Here’s the Right Amount to Pay a Friend for Dog Sitting

How much you should pay a friend for dog sitting will depend on many factors such as how much care the dog needs and where the dog will be taken care of.

What to Do if Your Neighbor is Harassing You About Your Dog

Here are the steps we recommend if you have a neighbor that is harrassing you about your dog.

When to Take Cone Off Dog After Neutering or Spaying

It’s important to give your dog plenty of time to heal before the cone is taken off after a neuter or spay procedure.

Quick Ways to Dry a Golden Retriever After a Bath

Are you having a difficult time drying your golden retriever because the dog is either getting restless or it’s simply taking too much time? Here are some tips to fix that.

How to Regain a Scared Dog’s Trust After Hitting Him

Is your dog scared of you after you hit him? Here are some tips on rebuilding your dog’s trust. How you behave after the incident is very important.

4 Tricks to Keep the Dog Off the Couch When You Aren’t Home

Stop your dog from getting on the couch while you are out by trying these four simple tricks.

Must-Read Tips on When You Can Touch Newborn Puppies

Find out when it is an appropriate time for you to touch newborn puppies. This will depend on several factors like the mother dog’s trust.

How Many Puppies Can a Chihuahua Give Birth to?

How many litters can a chihuahua have? The most is four per pregnancy. Commonly, though, it’ll be just one or two puppies.

Dog’s Stomach is Making Strange Squeaking Noises – Why & What to Do Next

If your dog’s stomach is making a strange squeaking noise, you might have fed him something that upset his stomach.

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