Dog Care

To give your dog a happy and exciting life, it’s important to know what exactly is involved with proper dog care. Here are some tips we have to offer and caring for all aspects of your dog’s livelihood.

Simple Home Remedies for Dog Scooting

Here are some simple home remedies you could try to discourage the dog scooting behavior from your pet.

Keeping a Dog in the Garage – Why You Should or Shouldn’t

Is it appropriate or even legal to keep a dog in the garage? Here are the factors to consider before arriving to a decision.

Why Your Dog is Drinking Water After Getting Surgery

Here are the steps we recommend if you dog isn’t drinking water a while after getting surgery.

Avoid Leaving Coconut Oil on Your Dog Overnight

Here are the reasons why we wouldn’t leave coconut oil on your dog overnight.

Animal Control Can’t Take Your Dog Away for Barking

The rules around nuisance barking differs for every city so you will need to check the local ordinances to see what power animal control has for barking complaints.

Landlords May Have the Ability to Make You Get Rid of Your Dog

Landlords may have legal channels that allow them to get tenants to get rid of their pets.

Wild Snakes Can Be Afraid of Dogs

Like most other wild animals, snakes prefer to avoid encounters with dogs and humans.

Withholding Water from Your Dog at Night Can Be Dangerous

Withholding water from your dog is something we wouldn’t encourage dog owners to do unless it’s from the instructions of a vet.

What to Do if You Don’t Want Your Dog Anymore

Whatever the reason may be for not wanting your dog, it’s your responsibility as the dog owner to give your pet the best possible outcome.

How to Find a Dog that’s Been Lost for Over 24 Hours

One of the biggest nightmares for pet owners would be when they lose their pet. Here are the steps you should take if your dog has been lost for over 24 hours.

How to Tell if Your House Smells Like Dog

Here are the steps you should take to figure out whether your house smells like dog.

It’s Possible but Unlikely for Eagles to Pick up a Dog

Here are some things for dog owners to consider if they live in an area that’s known for wild eagles and hawks.

There is a Limit to How Many Dogs You Can Own in California

In California, there is a limit to how many dogs a family or individual can own unless they have a special permit.

Here’s the Right Amount to Pay a Friend for Dog Sitting

How much you should pay a friend for dog sitting will depend on many factors such as how much care the dog needs and where the dog will be taken care of.

What to Do if Your Neighbor is Harassing You About Your Dog

Here are the steps we recommend if you have a neighbor that is harrassing you about your dog.

Rinse the Coconut Oil Off Your Dog’s Coat

Dog owners shouldn’t forget to rinse off the coconut oil after applying it on the dog’s coat. Here are the reasons why.

Bobcats May Attack Dogs of All Sizes

Pet owners who live in areas that are known for having bobcats should avoid leaving their dogs outside unsupervised.

When to Take Cone Off Dog After Neutering or Spaying

It’s important to give your dog plenty of time to heal before the cone is taken off after a neuter or spay procedure.

Dogs Don’t Know When They Are Being Put to Sleep

Dogs are unlikely to know they are being put to sleep when it’s time to say goodbye.

Tips to Keep Dogs Out of Raised Garden Beds

Don’t let your gardening efforts go to waste. Here are some simple tips to keep the dogs out of the raised garden beds.