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How Many Puppies Can a Chihuahua Give Birth to?

How many litters can a chihuahua have? The most is four per pregnancy. Commonly, though, it’ll be just one or two puppies.

Dog Cries and Yelps While Pooping – Why & What to Do Next

Your dog cries while pooping because the stool is hard to pass. It could be because of an internal problem that needs to be identified.

Dog’s Stomach is Making Strange Squeaking Noises – Why & What to Do Next

If your dog’s stomach is making a strange squeaking noise, you might have fed him something that upset his stomach.

Why Bobcats Are Dangerous to Dogs of All Sizes

Pet owners who live in areas that are known for having bobcats should avoid leaving their dogs outside unsupervised.

Best Ways to Store Dry Dog Food for the Long-Term

It can be economical to buy dry dog food in bulk, but it’s important to be able to store the dry dog food properly for health safety reasons.

When Do Puppies Outgrow their Excitement Peeing Behavior?

Is your puppy urinating whenever you get back home or when you are about to go for a walk? Learn when the puppy will outgrow this behavior.

5 Common & Reliable Signs of Pregnancy in Dogs

These five signs will help you determine if the female dog is pregnant. It’s important to identify a dog’s pregnancy as soon as possible.

Is Borax (Sodium Borate) Toxic or Safe to Use Around Dogs?

Borax is a popular product used for a variety of home remedies. Find out if borax is actually safe or dangerous for dogs.

Dog’s Breath Smells Like Death – Why & What to Do Next

Does your dog’s breath smell so bad that it smell likes death? Learn what might be causing your dog to have such a smelly odor.

When Do Puppies Stop Nursing & Breastfeeding from Their Mother?

Commonly, when do puppies stop nursing from their mother? You can expect the weaning process to start at about six to eight weeks of life.

Dog Stinks No Matter What You Do – Top 3 Reasons Why

Does your dog stink no matter what remedy you have tried at home? Here are some unexpected causes for the smelly dog odor.

How to Prepare and Cook Chicken Livers for Dogs

If you know how to cook chicken livers for dogs, your pup will be so happy. His coat will be silkier and his eyesight will improve.

3 Things to Do if Your Dog Got into the Trash & Kitchen Bin

Is your dog driving you nuts because he keeps scavenging through the trash cans and kitchen bins? Here are some steps to take to stop this behavior.

What to Do If Your Dog Won’t Eat His Food But Will Eat Treats

It’s cumbersome when your dog won’t eat his food but will eat treats. To be honest, he may have gotten this bad eating habit because of you.

3 Easy Ways to Clean Up Dog Poop & Diarrhea from Carpet

Did your dog accidentally leave some stains on the carpet? Here are some simple ways to clean up dog poop and diarrhea from the carpet.

What to Do When Your Dog’s Nails Bleeds After a Walk

Is your dog’s nails showing signs of bleeding after you took him out for a walk? Treat the nails with these simple remedies.

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