Dog Care

To give your dog a happy and exciting life, it’s important to know what exactly is involved with proper dog care. Here are some tips we have to offer and caring for all aspects of your dog’s livelihood.

Why Your Dog Cries and Yelps While He is Pooping

Your dog cries while pooping because the stool is hard to pass. It could be because of an internal problem that needs to be identified.

3 Ways to Clean Dog Vomit from the Carpet

The most important tip for cleaning dog vomit from carpet is to act quickly. Here are three simple methods to clean up dog vomit from the carpet.

How to Safely Get Rid of Skunk Smell Off a Dog

Was your dog an unfortunate victim of a skunk’s spray attack? Here are some tips on removing the nauseous skunk smell from your dog as quickly and safely as possible.

Why Your Dog’s Stomach is Making Strange Squeaking Noises

If your dog’s stomach is making a strange squeaking noise, you might have fed him something that upset his stomach.

Best Ways to Store Dry Dog Food for the Long-Term

It can be economical to buy dry dog food in bulk, but it’s important to be able to store the dry dog food properly for health safety reasons.

Best Ways to Dry a Dog Quickly After a Bath

Your battle isn’t over after you have given your dog a bath. The hardest part is to dry your dog without causing too much stress.

Quick Ways to Dry a Golden Retriever After a Bath

Are you having a difficult time drying your golden retriever because the dog is either getting restless or it’s simply taking too much time? Here are some tips to fix that.

Must-Read Tips on Drying a Siberian Husky Quickly

It might seem like an impossible task but you can dry up a Siberian Husky’s coat fairly quickly by using these simple tips.

Why Your Dog’s Breath Smells Like Death + What to Do About it

Does your dog’s breath smell so bad that it smell likes death? Learn what might be causing your dog to have such a smelly odor.

Is Borax (Sodium Borate) Toxic or Safe to Use Around Dogs?

Borax is a popular product used for a variety of home remedies. Find out if borax is actually safe or dangerous for dogs.

4 Ways to Safely Secure & Restrain a Dog When Traveling in a Car

Taking your dog out for a ride? Here are some important steps you should take to safely secure and restrain your dog in the vehicle.

5 Indoor Dog Exercises to Do in the Apartment during Winter

Here is a list of fun exercises that apartment dwellers can do indoors to keep their dogs happy during the chilly winter season.

5 Easy Ways to Clean Dog Poop Off Your Shoes

Accidentally stepped on a pile of dog poop? These methods will help you eliminate the dog poop without ruining your sneakers.

4 Tips for Leaving Your Puppy Alone for the First Time

It can be anxious times for dog owners who leave their puppy alone at home for the first time. Here are some tips to make it work.

3 Immediate Things to Do After Your Dog Swallowed a Sock

Did your silly dog swallow a sock? Here’s how you should act in this emergency situation. Best to call your vet as soon as possible.

3 Reasons to Avoid Using Dish Soap When Washing Your Dog

Read this first before you wash your dog with dish soap or any other type of soap that’s not designed for animal use.

How to Get Rid of Dog Hair from Car Seats & Car Carpets

Use these simple tricks to keep the car seats and car carpets free of dog hair.

7 Signs that a Dog is Nervous to the Point of Aggression

Here are seven visual signs that show your dog is becoming nervous to the point of being aggressive. Learn how to act in these situations.

5 Simple Ways to Groom a Dog that Hates Being Brushed

Struggling to keep your dog still during a grooming session? Here are four tips to groom a dog that hates being brushed.

What to Do if You Accidentally Step on Your Dog’s Foot or tail

Did you accidentally step on your dog’s foot or tail? Does it make you feel like the worst human in the world? This is how you should act towards your dog.