Dog Health

Check out the latest tips on maintaining your dog’s health. Educate yourself on the best ways to handle common dog health problems. If you are ever in doubt, please contact the vet right away!

Why Your Dog’s Feet Smells Like Fritos & Corn Chips

Does your dog’s feet suddenly have a strange Fritos or corn chip-like smell? Here are some common reasons why.

Why Your Dog Leaves Little Poop Balls Around the House

Poop is often an effective way to diagnose a dog’s health so it can be concerning if your dog starts to leave little poop balls.

Why Your Dog Won’t Sleep Through the Night Anymore

Are you not getting a good night’s sleep because your dog isn’t able to sleep through the night? Here are some reasons for this.

Tips on Taking a Dog’s Temperature with a Human Thermometer

Is your dog showing worrying health signs? Possibly a fever? Here are some tips on using a thermometer to get your dog’s temperature

How to Make a Dog with a Slipped Disc Comfortable

Is your poor dog feeling the pains of a slipped disc? Here are some tips on making him feel comfortable.

How to Make a Dog Vomit Without Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is the recommended solution for getting a dog to vomit but what if you don’t have any in an emergency situation?

Why Your Dog Smells Like Sour Milk

It can be concerning when your dog suddenly has a strange smell, such as the smell of sour milk. Here are a few reasons for the bad odor.

Why Your Dog Smells Like Fish (Especially his Breath)

Here are the most common reasons why your dog has a strange fish-like smell.

Why Your Dog is Leaking Urine When Lying Down

Is your dog leaking urine when lying down? Find out how to help your dog with this concerning health issue.

Tips on Treating Dog Ear Infections with Apple Cider Vinegar

Learn about the effectiveness and safe methods of using apple cider vinegar to clear dog ear infections, such as yeast infections.

3 Comforting Foods to Feed a Dog with Bloody Diarrhea

Is your poor dog suffering from bloody diarrhea? Try these three comforting foods to put him back on the right track.

Simple Home Remedies for Dogs with Ear Yeast Infection

Here are some simple home remedies you can do to help and comfort a dog with ear yeast infection. Be sure to check with the vet as well.

4 Health Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acid for Dogs

Dogs require a well-balanced diet to keep healthy, both mentally and physically. Omega-3 fatty acid is one nutrient that can play an important role for dogs.

Can You Give Dogs Over-the-Counter Pain Relief Medications?

Find out whether it is safe to give your dog pain-relief over-the-counter medications.

3 Simple Tips on Comforting a Dog with Pancreatitis

Has your dog been diagnosed with pancreatitis? Take these three simple tips to comfort a dog that is suffering from pancreatitis.

3 Reasons Why Your Dog Coughs When He is Excited

Does your dog cough and gag every time he gets excited? Learn what might be the cause of this concerning behavior.

3 Reasons Why Your Puppy is Suddenly Drinking a Lot of Water and Urinating

Is your puppy suddenly drinking a lot of water and urinating a lot as well? Here are some common reasons for this behavior. Check whether a vet visit is necessary.

3 Reasons Why Your Dog Throws Up Undigested Food Hours After Eating

Has your dog been throwing up undigested food hours after his meal time? Find out the main causes for this concerning behavior and what you can do.

How to Comfort a Dog with a Fever Using Home Remedies

Knowing how to comfort a dog with a fever, without going to the vet, can be helpful in treating minor infections or inflammations.

Why Your Dog is Throwing Up White Foam & Clear Liquid

Your dog throwing up white foam is commonly not a cause for concern, but you still need to keep a eye on him for other adverse symptoms.