Dog Health

Check out the latest tips on maintaining your dog’s health. Educate yourself on the best ways to handle common dog health problems. If you are ever in doubt, please contact the vet right away!

Important Tips on Saving a Puppy from Parvo Virus

How to save a puppy from parvo? Aside from immunization, bring him to the vet immediately when you see changes in his demeanor and behavior.

Why Your Old Dog is Losing Weight and Drinking Lots of Water

Is your old dog losing weight despite having a seemingly-healthy diet and drinking plenty of water? Find out what may cause this concern.

Why Does Your Dog’s Poop Look Like Strawberry Jelly

It’s alarming to see that your dog’s poop have an appearance of strawberry jelly. Find out if this is a major health concern for your dog.

Why Your Dog’s Nose Suddenly Feels Cold and Wet

Does your dog’s nose suddenly have a cold and wet-like feel? Find out if this is something that should be of concern for your dog’s health.

Dog Accidentally Licks Bleach – What to Do Next

Did your dog accidentally lick some bleach? Here are the immediate steps to take to prevent your dog from suffering more due to bleach poisoning.

Spider Bites on Dogs – Common Signs & Spider Bite Treatments

Spider bites on dogs can be dealt with at home, but you should know exactly what warning signs to watch out for and when to go to the vet.

Why Your Dog Constantly Swallows Saliva and Licks His Lips

Find out why your dog is constantly swallowing saliva and licking his lips. A trip to the vet may be warranted if this is a new behavior from your dog.

Why Your Dog’s Tongue is White & What to Do About it

Did your dog’s tongue suddenly turn a white color? Find out what health issues may cause this concerning appearance.

What Causes a Dog’s Eye to Roll Back in Their Head

Are your dog’s eye rolling back? Find out what might cause this concerning behavior to happen among dogs and tips on handling this situation.

3 Reasons Why Your Dog or Puppy is Dry Heaving

Is your puppy or dog showing some concerning behaviors by dry heaving? Learn the most common reasons for this behavior.

What to Do When Your Male Dog is Leaking Brown Fluid

Is your dog leaking brown fluid from the rear? Find out what might be causing this concerning health issue and what you can do to resolve it.

Can a Dog Die from Biting or Licking a Frog or Toad?

Toad or frog poisoning among dogs is more common than most pet owners realize. Find out if it’s dangerous for dogs to encounter a frog.

3 Signs that Show Your Dog is Getting Better from Parvovirus

Parvovirus can be a very scary experience for dog owners. Find out the common signs that indicate your dog is on the road to recovery.

Why Your Pregnant Dog has Heavy Panting and Breathing

Are you concerned by the heavy breathing and panting of your pregnant dog? Find out what may cause this concerning behavior.

3 Reasons Why Your Dog is Breathing Fast but Not Panting

Is your dog suddenly breathing fast, but not necessarily panting? Find out what may cause this behavior among dogs.

3 Reasons Why Your Dog’s Face is Swollen on One Side

Did your dog’s face only start to swell on one side? Find out what may have caused this concerning symptom to appear.

3 Reasons Why Your Dog’s Eyes Are Red and Swollen Shut

Are your dog’s eyes red and can barely stay open due to being so swollen? Here are the common reasons for this concerning eye condition.

How to Remove Foxtail from Dog’s Ears, Nose, or Paws

Does your dog have foxtail all over his body? Find out why foxtail can be a risk for dogs, and learn ways to remove them.

3 Reasons Why Your Dog is Acting Drunk and Wobbly

Is your dog suddenly acting all drunk and wobbly? Find out what may be getting your dog to act in this concerning behavior.

3 Reasons Why Your Dog Keeps Falling Down the Stairs

Is your dog suddenly falling down the stairs frequently? Find out the common health concerns that may cause this situation to occur.