Dog Health

Check out the latest tips on maintaining your dog’s health. Educate yourself on the best ways to handle common dog health problems. If you are ever in doubt, please contact the vet right away!

Quarantine Might Be Necessary for Dogs with Worm

Whether you need to quarantine your dog with worm parasites will depend on the type of worm the dog is affected by.

Why Your Dog is Throwing Up Orange Vomit

Here are some common reasons for dogs that suddenly throw up orange vomit.

You Could Feed Your Dog Rice Everyday

Yes, it should be fine for most dogs to be fed plain rice everyday as long as it’s mixed in with other nutritious foods.

Why Your Dog is Skinny Even Though He Eats a Lot

Does your dog stay skinny no matter how much he eats? Here are some reasons why this could be happening to your dog.

Dogs Shouldn’t Only be Fed Boiled Chicken Everyday

Boiled chicken is perfectly healthy for dogs but it shouldn’t be the only thing that dogs eat everyday.

Dogs Shouldn’t Eat French Toast or Eggy Bread

Here are the reasons why we wouldn’t let your dog eat french toast.

Dogs Should Never Eat Pizza Rolls

Pizza rolls can cause harm to dogs especially if they were to eat a lot of it.

What to Do if Your Dog Has a Hole in his Skin

A hole in the dog’s skin, no matter how small, can lead to a serious infection if it isn’t treated quickly. Here are the steps dog owners should take.

Avoid Giving Your Dog Heartworm Medicine Without Testing

Here are the reasons why we believe its important to have your dog tested before giving heartworm medicine.

Dogs Should Never Eat Starburst Candies

Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t ever allow your dog to eat Starburst candies.

Avoid Letting Your Dog Eat Sugar Cookies

Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t let your dog eat sugar cookies.

What to Do When Your Dog Looks Skinny with Ribs Showing

Does your dog look skinny and have ribs showing no matter how much food you try to give him?

What to Do if Your Dog Ate a 300 or 400 mg Gabapentin Pill

To be on the safe side, we would call the vet if your dog ate a 300 mg Gabapentin pill and that’s more than the dog should have had.

What to Give & Not Give Your Dog for Pain After Vaccination Shots

Dog owners need to be absolutely careful about what they give their dog for pain management after a vaccination shot.

What to Do if You Suspect Your Dog Has a Melatonin Overdose

Call the vet immediately if you think your dog is having a Melatonin overdose, which can lead to serious symptoms.

It’s Difficult to Feel a Microchip in a Dog

It’s highly unlikely for you to feel a microchip in a dog unless it has moved around.

Dogs Can Have Oat Milk in Moderation

Most dogs should be fine with having oat milk as long as it’s in moderation. Here are some safety precautions dogs should take.

Avoid Letting Your Dog Eat Raw (Uncooked) Chicken

Here are the reasons why we would avoid feeding your dog raw (uncooked) chicken.

Avoid Letting Your Dog Eat Raw Fish Bones

Here are the reasons why we wouldn’t let your dog eat raw fish bones.

Dogs Should Not Be Fed a Vegan or Vegetarian Diet

Here are the reasons why it’s dangerous to feed your dog a vegan diet.