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Pregnant Dog has Heavy Panting and Breathing – Top 3 Reasons Why

Are you concerned by the heavy breathing and panting of your pregnant dog? Find out what may cause this concerning behavior.

Dog Ate and Swallowed a Sock – What to Do Next

Your dog could still be sick even if they act normal after swallowing a sock.

Puppy Gets Hiccups All the Time – Top 3 Reasons Why

Does your puppy have the case of the hiccups? Here are some common reasons that may cause puppies to get hiccups frequently.

Dog Hasn’t Urinated in Over 12 or 24 Hours – Top 3 Reasons Why

Here are some reasons for lack of urination in dogs. You should visit the vet as soon as you can if your dog shows any concerning symptoms.

Puppy’s Heart is Beating So Fast & Irregular – Top 3 Reasons Why

Are you suddenly noticing a fast, irregular heartbeat with your puppy? Here are three common reasons that may cause this to happen.

How Much Yogurt to Give a Dog with Diarrhea

Yogurt is considered a good food to give to dogs with diarrhea. Find out what’s considered a safe amount to give.

Can Stress Cause Dogs to Have Bloody Diarrhea?

Find out how stress can cause dogs to have an episode of bloody diarrhea. Learn what to do when you find yourself in this situation.

4 Ways to Stop Your Dog from Eating his Own Poop

Try these four simple tricks to stop your dog from eating his own poop (or the poop of other dogs). This condition is known as coprophagia.

3 Home Remedies for Dogs that Have Eaten Chocolate

Has your dog eaten chocolate? Here are some home remedies you can try in the event you aren’t able to visit a vet immediately.

Dog Poop Color Chart – What it Shows About Your Dog’s Health

Does your dog’s poop have a weird color or consistency? Use our dog stool color chart to learn more about the state of your dog’s health.

4 Reasons that Cause a Dog’s Urine to Smell Like Ammonia

Find out why your dog’s urine has a strong ammonia smell, and ways to eliminate the dog urine smell from the house.

4 Reasons Why Dogs Keep Yelping in Pain Randomly

Find out why your dog is suddenly yelping in pain randomly. This change in behavior could be caused by health or environmental factors.

Can Dogs Eat Coconut? When it is or isn’t an Emergency

Here are the reasons why coconut flesh can make a healthy treat for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Cat Treats? When it is or isn’t an Emergency

Here are the reasons why we wouldn’t recommend letting your dog eat cat treat.

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