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Dogs Can Eat Potato as Long as it Doesn’t Become a Staple Food

Dogs can eat potatoes as long as it doesn’t become a staple in their diet. Here are things to know when feeding a potato to dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms? Be Careful What You Feed

Mushrooms come in all shapes and sizes, some of which might look harmless but can be toxic to pets as well as humans.

Why Dogs Shouldn’t Eat Popcorn (Plain or Flavored)

Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t let your dog eat popcorn, even if they are of the plain kind.

Dogs Can Safely Eat Eggs in Moderation

Eggs can make a good healthy treat for dogs as long as it’s only given in moderation.

Why Dogs Shouldn’t Eat Cheese

Plain cheese isn’t considered toxic to dogs but that doesn’t mean it’s safe or healthy for dogs either.

Dogs Can Eat Carrots as Healthy Snacks

Carrots are a great addition to a dog’s diet because they are packed with important nutrients that a dog’s body requires.

Dogs Can Eat a Small Amount of Mango

Mangoes can make a great treat for dogs as long as it’s only given in small, infrequent amounts.

Why Dogs Shouldn’t Eat Oranges & Other Citrus Fruit

Oranges aren’t considered toxic to dogs but that doesn’t mean you should let your dog eat oranges or other citrus fruits as they please. There are certain health precautions dog owners need to be aware of before they let their dogs eat an orange or other similar citrus fruit. Why oranges are unsafe for dogs […]

Dogs Can Eat Pineapple in Small Amounts

It should be fine for most dogs to eat a small amount of pineapple as long as it has been prepared with safety in mind.

Dogs Can Eat Tomatoes in Moderation

Most dogs won’t have any issue eating a small amount of ripe tomatoes. There are, however, certain caveats before you let dogs eat tomatoes.

How Long After Getting Spayed Can a Dog Play?

It’s important to restrict your dog’s physical activity for a few weeks after they get their spay procedure. Find out what would be considered an appropriate recovery time.

What to Do if Your Dog Ate Twizzlers Licorice

Dog owners, here are the steps you should take immediately after noticing your dog ate twizzlers.

Why Dogs Can’t Eat Grapes or Grape-based Products

Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t let your dog eat grapes or any foods that contain grapes like grape jelly, raisins etc.

Dogs Can Eat Watermelon but Only Certain Parts

Most dogs won’t have a problem eating watermelon as long as you discard the parts that are unsafe for them.

Dogs Can Eat Strawberries in Moderation

It’s safe for most dogs to eat strawberries as long as they are only given in small amounts.

Why Your Dog Scratches His Neck Until it Bleeds

Here are the reasons why your dog might be scratching his neck until the skin gets raw and starts bleeding.

Why it’s Bad to Use Human Lotion on a Dog’s Paw

Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t use a human lotion on a dog’s paw.

Dogs Can Die from a Broken Leg if You Aren’t Careful

The risk of death will depend on the severity of the injury and how well you take care of your pet.

Here’s What Happens if You Don’t Neuter Your Dog

There are pros and cons to both neutering and not neutering your dog. Here are things to consider if you decide to not neuter your dog.

What a Clear Urine Means About Your Dog’s Health

Clear urine is not always a sign of a healthy dog. Here are few health considerations for dogs that pee clear urine.

Why Dogs Must Not Eat Boba or Tapioca Pearls

For health reasons, it’s important to not let your dog eat boba or tapioca pearls.

Dogs Can Eat Cat Grass in Moderation

Yes, it’s fine for dogs to nibble at the cat grass as long as they aren’t eating too much of it at once.

Why Sevin Dust isn’t Safe for Dogs

Trying to get rid of pests from the vegetable garden bed? Find out if it’s safe to use Sevin dust around pets.

Dogs Can Eat Ribeye Bones in Moderation

Dogs can be given ribeye bones as long as the dog owner remembers a couple of safety conditions.

It Can Take Several Days to Weeks for Dog Paw Pad Injuries to Heal

The healing time of a dog paw pad injury will depend on the severity of the injury and the care you take throughout the healing process.