Cat is Acting Normal but Not Eating as Much?

Appetite is one of the simplest ways for cat owners to figure out if their cat is healthy so it can be quite concerning if the cats aren’t eating as much as they used to. What if your cat is acting normal though despite this whole ordeal? Here are some steps to consider.

Is Something Stressing Your Cat Out?

Lack of appetite can sometimes be linked to stress and anxiety. Cats can still act normal in this instance but may find it difficult to eat their meal. Has something in your cat’s surrounding changed recently? Did you move house or did someone new visit recently?

Stress and anxiety need to be handled with patience. Even if you are 99% certain that your cat’s desire to eat is affected by a stressful event, it doesn’t hurt to visit the vet to rule out any physical illnesses.

Your Cat is Sick

Cats are unfortunately really good at hiding their illnesses. They may act normal despite there being something off in their body. Any unusual behavior, especially when it involves a change of appetite, should be taken seriously and we would always recommend calling the vet for further steps.

A Change in Diet

Some cats can be quite picky about their food. They might not be eating as much because they aren’t liking the new cat food that you introduced to them. It’s not just the taste you need to be concerned about. Some cats can be picky about the texture, especially when it comes to wet food. They may like gravy, but not like flakes or jelly.

It’s important to not force a new food onto your cat. A few days of not eating may lead to a fatal condition like hepatic lipidosis. We would first check with the vet to make sure your cat is okay and switch out the food to something that you know your cat enjoys.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


  • Mickey Greenberg | 09/12/2021

    At the last visit the cat had lost a half a pound. She’s on prescription food to prevent any problems and always love the food now suddenly she stopped eating the wet food and only likes the dry food I get good brands she barely eats but seems OK I don’t know what to do

  • Cheryl | 09/05/2022

    My elderly cat has suddenly quit eating wet food but will nibble on dry food if put outside. The only way to get her inside is to pick her up. She’s lost weight but seems healthy otherwise. Is it her time to go ?

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