Cat obsessed with human food – what to do next

Food-motivated cats, especially kittens and young cats, can sometimes go berserk once they get a scent of their favorite human foods. Some cats are so obsessed that they may even scratch or bite you if you get in their way. Here’s what you should do if your cat is doing the same.

Never leave food unattended

This will be an inconvenience on your part but it’s crucial to never leave any human food unattended. Cooked dinner but need to briefly step away from the dining table? Make sure the food is placed out of the cat’s reach, such as in the fridge or cabinet.

Check with the vet

Is the obsession with human food a sudden change in the cat’s behavior? It would be worthwhile to have the cat checked with the vet. A dietary deficiency, for example, could lead to the cat suddenly eating things it wouldn’t normally touch, such as human food. The obsession with human food may even be due to the stress and discomfort felt from an underlying health problem.

Motion-activated deterrent spray

Is the cat bothering you endlessly whenever you try to eat? Pushing them away may do no good as the cat might think you are playing with them when you do so. A better option might be to set up a motion-activated deterrent spray. These sprays can be set up on the counter or any other areas of the kitchen or dining room where your cat frequents. You shouldn’t spray the deterrent yourself as this may only teach the cat to not eat human food while you are around. It doesn’t resolve the root cause.

Strict feeding times

Cats are creatures of habit. Another important step to having your cat stop obsessing with human food is by introducing a strict feeding time. The cat may gradually learn when it is or isn’t eating time. Automated pet feeders could be an option if your schedule doesn’t allow you to maintain a specific feeding schedule for your cat.

The above steps won’t change your cat’s behavior overnight, especially if your cat was a rescue or stray. It will be daunting but be prepared for the fact that it may take many weeks or even months before your cat stops obsessing with human food.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


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