Why Your Cat Stopped Eating Wet Food but Will Still Eat Dry Food

You would think that it would only happen the other way around but there are times when your cat might stop eating wet food but will continue to eat the dry ones. Here are the most common reasons why they might suddenly do this.

Cats Can Be Picky About Their Wet Food

It’s not just the flavor that cats are picky about. They might also have a strict preference when it comes to wet food texture. Some cats, for example, may only touch wet food that consists of gravy. They may ignore other wet food in different forms despite it being the same brand and flavor.

If you have recently made a change to your cat’s wet food then you might just have to revert back to what your cat usually prefers. This is why it’s important to buy cat food in small packs, at least until you are fully certain of what your cat’s preferences are.

Effects of the Weather

As strange as it sounds, some cats may suddenly stop eating their favorite wet food if the weather changes. For example, the wet food might get cold more quickly during the winter season, especially if you are leaving it next to the window or door. Your cat may not like eating the wet food in such instances. The same can happen when the weather gets too hot.

Dry cat food is less likely to be affected by the fluctuation in weather. You may want to experiment with the placement of the wet food. You might want to also warm up the wet food if you think if it’s getting too cold. It can be worrying if your cat no longer eats wet food but he should be fine as long as he is eating and drinking plenty of water.

Your Cat is Sick

If your cat is not behaving like his usual self then please take him to the vet for diagnosis. Cats can display unusual behaviors, such as not eating certain types of food, when they are sick.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


  • Harry bourletos | 11/02/2022

    My wife and I took our 18 year old cat(my wife took the cat in from her cousin) for a routine vet visit. She may not have been to a vet at all or not for a long time but the visit seems to have stressed her out and since then while she continues to eat dry food she doesn’t seem to want canned food any more.do you think that vet visit has anything to do with that. The vet didn’t find any health issues with her.

  • Susan W | 18/02/2022

    One of our cats has started snubbing his nose up at wet food recently. He still behaves like he wants some, but when I sit any down to him he walks away from it. I tried buying different flavors and brands, thinking maybe he was bored with his usual favorites. He did eat a few of the new ones a couple times, so I thought that must’ve been the problem and went out and bought more of the ones he seemed to like, but he wouldn’t eat them again. There’s been no problem with dry food, he eats it lie always and he’s a healthy cat.

  • Preena | 02/08/2022

    Sorry to hear this. My cat is doing exactly the same, did you find a solution in the end? Could do with some help as I am getting worried! Ta x

  • Mary Davanna | 24/02/2022

    My cat has stopped eating wet food will eat some of his dry food and is loosing weight

  • Aletse Aganarral | 03/03/2022

    Our 7 month old cat stopped eating wet food. Her vet said there aren’t any health issues, but she has lost weight since she stopped eating. She’ll eat dry food and behaves as if she wants wet food. But once I put it in her dish she kind of gags and then walks off. I’ve tried different brands, mixing it with her dry food etc., but she’s not eating it. I warmed it a few times and this didn’t help either.

  • Preena | 02/08/2022

    Hi, sorry to hear this, my cat is having similar issues. Has there been an improvement? I could do with some help, ta x

  • Thamara | 16/09/2022

    Same with me here. I had recently switched from fancy feast to tiki cat. She was eating it normally and well just out of a sudden she stopped eating it. She would take a few bites and leave it. I even tried opening other cans in case that flavor was just not what she liked but she does the same. Some are pate and the others were chunky. Still didn’t like neither. Looks like she wants food and then gets uninterested.

  • Karen Cicha | 26/09/2022

    Hi, My cat recently stopped eating wet food totally. I thought she was tired of her usual food so I purchased different brands and textures. She won’t eat any of it. She does eat her dry food though and she will eat Gerber turkey baby food. . I also get turkey breast from the store for my lunch and she eats that. I am at a loss as to what is going on with her. She seems fine and plays just won’t eat her wet food. HELP!!!! Any ideas?

  • Stefanie | 26/10/2022

    Please have your cat tested for IBD, Inflammatory Bowel Disease. They will typically refuse food due to pain in their stomach or intestinal tract depending on where the inflammation is. They become very picky and lose weight. Some will be concave behind their ribs. Anytime q cat is refusing food repeatedly despite all efforts to entice their appetite absolutely requires a trip to the vet and diagnostic work up.

  • Marjorie | 23/03/2023

    My cat used to eat wet food every day. He was given a variety ( beef, seafood or chicken). For “dessert “ before bedtime, he would get a few treats. Dry food was always available. Then, he stopped eating the wet food even after I added additional gravy. Now, he eats a little dry food, but all he wants is the treats. When I stopped giving him treats when he stopped eating his wet food, it seems that is all he wants. Every time someone goes into the kitchen, he follows them and cries and cries. My daughter said he’d eat the food if he got hungry enough, but that never happened.

  • Leah | 21/07/2023

    To the commenter above me, Marjorie-
    You ask why your cat isn’t eating wet food, and very little dry food; and that is because, as you state very clearly:
    *”Dry food is always available.”*
    Here is your answer.
    *Cats/pets should NEVER be allowed the option of an all-day, constantly-available, buffet source of food, especially DRY food. Think about it- In the wild, cats would never have a constant source of food available to them, and an indoor domestic cat can grow bored if not played with, so they eat- just like we do, but yours has access to 24/7 food. So of course it gets tired of it but full and wants nothing else but the best tasting food, which is going to be “dessert”- treats.
    Only feed your cat on a schedule (3x/day), and ONLY ever feed them the total amount of 1 Cup of food, per cat, for the entire day. That is all they need to be healthy.

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