Common dog behaviors all dog owners should be prepared for

Whether a dog behavior is good, bad, or harmless depends on context. Here are the most common behaviors that you may observe as you take care of your dog.

Chewing and biting

Dog Chewing Hand

It’s normal behavior for dogs to chew and bite on objects. What’s not normal is when the chewing and biting starts to become destructive. Learn more about the causes of destructive chewing and steps that may help treat pets exhibiting such behaviors. The most common chewing issues include:

Barking, growling, and whining

Dog Barking

Some dogs may vocalize more than others and express their voice in many interesting ways. Learn the potential meanings behind specific types of barks, growls, and whines. Interpretation can differ based on when and where the dog voices his expression. The most common vocalization issues include:

Digging and scratching

Dog Sniffing Ground

One way a dog may satisfy his curiosity is by digging and scratching. It’s an instinctual behavior. There may, however, be certain instances when the digging and scratching can become destructive. Here are some common cases:

Licking and swallowing

Dog Licking Tongue

Licking can have many meanings. It’s another instinctual behavior for dogs. Licking could be a sign of affection. It could also be a sign of boredom if the licking happens excessively. Learn what licking means under a number of different circumstances including:

Eating non-food items (pica)

Dog Eating Grass

Also known as pica, the behavior of eating non-food items such as poop and garbage is not something you want your dog to repeat. Nip the behavioral or health problems in the bud before your dog develops an eating disorder. Common issues related to pica include:

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