Are You Ready for a Dog? Checklist for Potential Owners


You’ve been dreaming of this moment ever since childhood. As a single adult, you are now ready to take the plunge and get your very own “man’s best friend”. Are you really ready though?

Dog ownership can bring a whole set of challenges that some people clearly aren’t ready for. This can range from financial challenges such as being able to afford daily dog care expenses to time commitment challenges. Being a single pet owner makes it even more difficult as you don’t have someone to share the responsibilities of caring for the dog.

That, however, doesn’t mean you should give up your dreams of owning a dog. It just means you need to be ready (as in really ready) to make the commitment. The checklist below should give some guidance on whether you are ready to bring home a furry pal.

Living Considerations

Work Considerations

Social Considerations

Financial Considerations

Other Considerations

A dog is yours for life. There is no backspace button once you bring a dog home. Make sure you truly want one and are ready to accept the responsibility.

John at My Pet Child

is the Founder of My Pet Child, where he shares his tips on living with a dog in an apartment.