Why Your Dog is Only Having Pee & Poop Accidents at Night

Dog Pooping

Is your dog a good dog throughout the day but for some strange reason turns into a little devil at night and starts to pee and poop all over the house while you are asleep? Here are some of the most common reasons for dogs that tend to only have house accidents at night.

Timing of Your Dog’s Meal

Dogs, especially the younger ones, may pee or poop more frequently at night if you give them their meal not long before bedtime. Puppies, for example, are still developing their bladder control so they might not be able to hold it in until the next morning. Obviously, if you are giving them a large bowl of water to drink before bed then this may increase the dog’s urgency to urinate sometime later at night.

Your Dog Has a Health Problem

For older dogs, it’s possible that the sudden development of nighttime accidents is a sign of a health issue. It’s not always easy for us to tell when dogs are sick. Sometimes, we need to rely on a sudden change in behavior to check whether a dog is sick or not. Aside from the nighttime accidents, if there is any other worrying signs or symptoms that your dog is exhibiting then please get him checked with the vet. Your dog might perhaps have an infection that’s making it more difficult to control his poop and pee.

Anxiety and Stress

Nighttime accidents could also be caused by anxiety and stress. For examples, dogs with separation anxiety could have more accidents at night if they aren’t sleeping in the same room as their owner. There might also be other events that contribute to your dog’s stress which you might not be aware of while asleep. For example, there could be noises from outside that’s freaking your dog out. It’s encouraged to not let your dog roam freely at night to prevent more accidents.

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