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Dog Suddenly Aggressive to Other Dogs in the House

Aggressive Dog

Your usually quiet house is filled with anxiety and stress as one of your dogs is suddenly acting very aggressive against other dogs in the house. Here are the most common reasons for this unusual behavior.

Your Dog is Injured or Sick

One of the most common reasons for sudden aggression is sickness or injuries. Your usually-calm dog can act aggressive if they are affected by some sort of illness. Pain can cause dogs to suddenly act different. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to identify injuries so we strongly suggest getting an opinion from a vet if your dog continues to act aggressive against other dogs in the house. This could be common among older dogs who start to get affected by diseases and injuries that are common among dogs of such age, such as joint issues and sight issues.

Dogs are Going Through Same Sex Aggression

Same sex aggression is an important consideration for all dog owners when they are looking to have multiple animals in the same household. Research by the American Veterinary Medical Association found that 79% of inter-dog household aggression involved dogs of the same sex. Majority of these incidents occurred among pairs of females. These same sex aggression incidents may suddenly happen when dogs reach social maturity.

In such cases, it’s important to involve a certified animal behaviorist so that you get a proper evaluation and receive the necessary resources. As a dog owner, you will need to play an important role of managing potential conflicts and stressors between the two dogs.

One Dog is Receiving More Attention

Conflict can occur between dogs living in the same household if one particular dog is receiving more attention than the other. A past study on dog behaviors found that dogs could also be jealous. It’s not so uncommon, for example, if a dog who has been around longer to be aggressive to a newly-introduced dog in the house, especially if the owner is giving the new dog much more love and attention.

It might be unintentional from the dog owner but he or she may find themselves giving more attention to the new dog in order to help him adjust to the new environment. Dog owners who find themselves in this kind of situation should make sure they are able to provide a balance in terms of attention and care.

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