3 Reasons Why Your Dog is Attached to His Stuffed Animal

Does your dog have his favorite toy or stuffed animal that he never leaves behind? Your dog will sleep with it, carry it around, and may even protect the stuffed animal toy from you. Here are some common reasons for dogs that are attached to their stuffed animals.

The Stuffed Animal is a Source of Comfort

It may be a case where the stuffed animal provides comfort for your dog whenever he finds himself in a distressing situation. Holding that one favorite toy might be a way for a dog to reinforce positive emotions. For example, you might notice this if the dog has a stuffed animal with him at all times when there are strangers in the house.

A Dog’s Hunting Instincts

In some cases, a dog that is obsessed with one stuffed animal toy could also be due to their hunting instincts. compared to other toys, dogs may find stuffed animals easier to shred apart. They may view the stuffed animal as a ‘prey’ and play with it but not destroy it completely.

A Dog’s Maternal Instincts

For adult female dogs, it may potentially have to do with their maternal instincts. If the dog had puppies before and the puppies are no longer with her, she might think that the stuffed animals resemble her puppies in some way. Hence, she will keep the stuffed animal with her at all times.

How to Stop a Dog’s Obsession with a Stuffed Animal

In most cases, there is nothing to worry about if your dog has an obsession with a stuffed animal. It doesn’t necessarily reflect any negative concerns on your dog’s mental health. The one concern might be how dirty the stuffed animal will become as the dog will be spending a lot of time carrying it around in his mouth.

For this reason, you may want to wash the toy frequently so that it doesn’t become laced with dirt and bacteria. The only other time when you might need help would be if the dog is overly protective of the stuffed animal. This might point to behavioral issues that need to be rectified over time.

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  1. Ryan June 19, 2021 at 5:56 pm

    would it be a concern if an adult female dog who had a litter about a year ago was so attached to her stuffed animal that she started producing milk ?

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