Dog Barks at Nothing – Top 3 Reasons Why

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It can be quite spooky when a dog starts to bark at nothing. The first thought for many dog owners is if the dog senses something supernatural, especially when the dog barks at nothing in the middle of the night. Fortunately, that isn’t the case and the random barking behavior is usually explained by one of these common reasons.

1. Outside noise and smell distractions

Dogs have a great sense of smell and hearing. The random barking behavior might be set off by something outside your dog smelled or heard. It could be anything, such as a wild animal passing by or a distant vehicle noise. It can be quite frustrating if this is happening at night. You could try reducing the barking by eliminating the distraction. Generating white noise, for example, may help cover up outside noises.

2. Your dog is sick

Dogs may seemingly bark at nothing because they are hurt. Barking might be a way for a dog to communicate they are sick. They could be suffering from an underlying illness that isn’t easily detectable. While the dog might seem to be barking at nothing, you may start to notice a pattern over time if you record when and where the dog barks.

3. Your dog is frustrated

Some dogs may look like they are barking at nothing when in fact they are feeling frustrated. For example, some dogs may bark randomly at night because they are bored and want to do something fun. They could also be feeling scared. Perhaps the dog just had a bad dream and he woke up and barked as a response.

What about dogs that bark at nothing when they are outside? Again, frustration could be one possible reason. Perhaps your dog is wanting to go somewhere but his movement is limited by the leash.


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