Why Your Dog is Barking in His Crate at Night All a Sudden

You crate trained your dog for a few weeks. Everything was going well until recently when your dog suddenly started to bark in his crate all night long. This can be super frustrating for dog owners, especially when they aren’t able to get sleep due to the random barking. Here are some reasons that may explain your dog’s sudden barking behavior.

Your Dog is Full of Energy

This applies more to younger dogs and puppies but it’s possible that they still have a lot of energy to burn and they are letting out their frustration because they feel “trapped” inside the crate. If you haven’t already being doing so, it’s always helpful to wear out your dog as much as possible before they are let into the crate at night. Flirt poles are one of the best ways to achieve this without having to take your dog out at night.

Curiosity Due to Outside Noise

The sudden barking could also be due to the intermittence of outside noise. As curious animals, dogs may want to investigate what their new noise or smell is but they are unable to due to being stuck inside the crate. In such cases, it might be helpful to generate some “white noise” near the crate to mask whatever sound is being generated outside. One way to do this is by placing a fan near the crate.

Another way to reduce outside distraction is by partially covering the crate with a blanket. This doesn’t work for every dog but can be quite effective for dogs that respond well to this form of training. It can be more relaxing for the dog to sleep in a covered crate and they might be less likely to bark as a result. Over time, some dogs may also learn that a crate with a covering is a sign for the dog to go to bed.

Your Dog is Sick

There’s always a possibility of your dog being sick if he starts to exhibit sudden behavioral changes. For example, your dog might be barking in his crate at night because he has an upset stomach and that is making him want to go to the bathroom. The sudden barking could be to get your attention so he can get let out of the crate.

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