Dog Barks in His Sleep – Top 3 Reasons Why

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Has your dog started to bark while he is sleeping? It’s a cute behavior that may also generate slight concerns from pet owners, especially if the dog is barking in an unusual way. Here are the most common reasons for dogs that bark in their sleep.

1. Dog is having a nightmare

The barking and whimpering could be a response to a bad dream the dog is having. Alternatively, the dog could be having a great dream. Perhaps your dog is chasing his favorite toys or gnawing at a huge tasty bone. Generally speaking, there isn’t much to worry about if the barking only happens every once in a while. It might, however, be a different story if the dog is barking constantly in their sleep.

2. Dog is in discomfort

Some dogs may give the odd bark if they are feeling some discomfort and pain while asleep. You might notice other concerning signs such as the dog sleeping in a strange position or acting strange as soon as he is awake. A visit to the vet might be important in such cases.

3. Awakened by a sudden noise

Dogs have heightened hearing senses. It’s possible that they’ve been awakened by a sudden noise and barking in response to it.

Should you wake up a dog that barks in his sleep?

No, you should leave your dog alone if he is barking in his sleep. It can make the dog feel super disoriented if you wake them up during specific phases of the sleep cycle. In most cases, it’s normal and harmless for dogs to bark in their sleep. One thing that may comfort the dog is to gently place your hand in front of his nose, especially if the dog seems upset while asleep. This might give a bit of sense of calm and comfort.


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