Why Your Dog Likes to Bury his Head into You

Scared Dog

Does your dog have a strange but cute tendency to bury his head into your arms or legs from time to time? Here are the most common reasons for the behavior. What’s important to understand first is the context and the situation your dog was in prior to burying his head into you.

Your Dog is Anxious

Your dog could be burying his head into you whenever he gets super anxious and scared. They are looking for reassurance and comfort when they are put into an uncomfortable situation. This could, for example, happen when you take your dog to a foreign place like the vet’s or when you are taking out the dog for a ride.

The Dog Nuzzling is an Invitation of Friendship

The head burying or rubbing behavior could also be interpreted as an invitation of friendship. Your dog might have first given you a good sniff and if he liked what he smelled then he might decide to nuzzle and rub his head against you. This could also happen to other people your dog is friendly and comfortable with.

Your Dog is Marking Ownership

It’s also possible that your dog is burying his head into you so that he can mark ownership. Dogs have scent glands on their face and these glands can leave unseen marks when the dog rubs his face against you. Other dogs will be able to smell the scent and as funny as this sounds realize that you have already been taken.

Your Dog Wants Attention

Your dog might bury his head into you if he wants more attention. Perhaps your dog is bored and trying to get you to play with him, or your dog might even be doing this to try and get a treat.

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