3 Reasons Your Dog Destroys Every Toy You Give Him

Fun Dog Toys

Are you spending a lot on getting your dogs a variety of fun toys only to find these toys shredded apart after a few days (or even a few minutes) of letting your dog play with them? This behavior could be a result of a variety of factor including boredom, anxiety, and health issues.

Your Dog isn’t Getting Enough Exercise

One common reason for dogs that like to destroy every toy is due to the stress of not getting enough exercise. This doesn’t just refer to physical exercises, it also refers to mental exercises as well. If they are not getting enough exercise then they could be releasing all the stress onto the toys.

This is all the more likely if your dog is biting and destroying other household items such as carpets and furniture. They could also be gnawing at the wall leaving holes along the wallpaper. We recommend two dog toy items to help relieve their stress. One is the snuffle mat, a nose work toy great for a dog’s mental well-being. The second is the flirt pole, which will give your dog plenty of exercise in a short amount of time.

The Dog Toys Are Flimsy

It might just be a case where you are giving your dog toys that tear or break apart fairly easily. While there is never a toy that is indestructible, there are better-constructed toys that can withstand a dog’s bite a lot better. One recommendation is the Goughnut dog toy, which works especially well for big dogs. It also addresses the need for safety.

You can also make your own durable dog toys at home with some old plain clothes. Rip them up into large pieces and tie them up so they become tight ropes. Dog toys don’t have to be expensive and complicated to be fun for dogs.

Your Dog Has a Medical Condition

While it’s a small possibility, your dog’s destroying behavior may have to do with a medical condition. If the destructive behavior only started recently then it may not be a bad idea to get your dog checked by a vet to see if there is any possible link with a medical condition.

How to Stop a Dog Destroying His Toys

It’s natural behavior for dogs to play, bite, and chew their toys so unless the destructive behavior is due to a medical or stress-related condition, we would suggest you let your dog be and not restrict the way he plays with his toys. There are plenty of toys that will last for strong chewers, such as Kong, big deer antlers, and rope balls.

Disclaimer: The content on MyPetChild.com is for informational purpose only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian when in doubt.

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