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Why Your Dog Doesn’t Like to Cuddle with You Anymore

Dog Cuddling

As a dog owner, there are reasons to be concerned if your normally-affectionate dog no longer likes to cuddle with you. Here are the most common reasons that may explain the change in behavior.

Your Dog is in Pain

A dog that doesn’t like to cuddle doesn’t necessarily mean that the dog now hates his owner. The sudden change in behavior could be due to an undiagnosed pain or injury that becomes even more aggravated when the dog is touched. This especially applies to older dogs that become prone to joint issues like arthritis.

If you notice anything else unusual with your dog’s behavior then it may be worthwhile to check with the vet to get assurance that the no-cuddling behavior is due to a medical condition.

Your Dog Had a Bad Cuddling Experience

It’s possible that the dog previously had a traumatic cuddling experience that’s affecting him. This could have happened when you were not around. You will know this is likely to be the case if your dog returns with a sensitive reaction whenever you try to touch him or get too close.

Your Dog Need Space

No dog is the same and different personalities mean different preferences to touch and cuddling. Your dog could be running away because people in the household are touching him too often. Imagine if you were constantly touched by people around you. If you have only brought the dog home recently then it could be worthwhile to give him space and let him approach you when he is comfortable.

You Went Through a Big Life Change

Was there recently a big life change that also affected the dog? Perhaps you moved to a new home or a new member got introduced to the household. Your dog might not be as affectionate as he usually is because of the stress caused by this event. Again, in situations like this, you may need to give your dog some space until he is comfortable again.

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