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Why Your Dog Likes to Drink Out of the Toilet

Toilet Drinking Dog

Dogs are known for some pretty gross habits but drinking out of the toilet bowl definitely takes this to a new level. Here are some common reasons for this strange drinking behavior.

The Toilet Water is More Refreshing

We find toilet water gross because it could be filled with germs and debris but the dog might not have the same perspective. He might actually find the toilet water more refreshing. In this case, you need to find a way to make the water bowl more appealing to the dog.

It will take some experimentation but here are some steps to stop your dog from drinking out of the toilet. First, try replacing the dog’s water bowl more often so that the water inside is fresher and cooler. If that doesn’t work then try using a different type of bowl. Your dog, for example, might not like drinking from a plastic bowl. A stainless steel or ceramic bowl might be more appealing.

One last technique you may want to try is to use a pet water fountain. These devices keep the water fresh throughout the day by circulating and oxygenating it.

Make the Toilet Inaccessible

While you figure out why the dog doesn’t like to drink from his bowl, it’s probably a good idea to make the toilet inaccessible to the dog. Just make sure the toilet lid is closed or the bathroom door is closed when not in use. It’s important to keep the dog away, especially if you are using chemical products to clean the toilet.

Your Dog Has a Health Issue

Your dog may have an undiagnosed health issue that’s making him more thirsty than usual. Excessive thirst can be caused by symptoms like diarrhea and fever. If your dog is showing any unusual symptoms, in addition to the toilet bowl-drinking behavior, then we strongly recommend checking in with the vet for a diagnosis.

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