Why Your Dog Eats Lying Down

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Having your dog eat while lying down is a behavior that you don’t want to encourage as it could very well be due to a medical condition. Here are the most common reasons for dogs that suddenly eat while lying down.

Pain from Joints or Muscles

Your dog could be eating while lying down because he feels a lot of discomfort while eating from a food bowl. The height of the food bowl, for example, might require the dog to stretch his neck a bit because it’s either too low or too high. It might just be more comfortable for the dog to eat while lying down. a consultation with the vet might be necessary if this is a sudden change in behavior and your dog is also showing other worrying signs and symptoms.

It’s Natural Dog Behavior

You might be surprised to know that domesticated dogs don’t always eat like their wild counterparts. According to Animal Wellness Magazine, a dog in the wild will often eat lying down. This enables a dog to observe his surroundings while eating. It might be a similar case with your dog where he is exhibiting his natural instincts. Dogs that are more protective of their possessions may have a greater likelihood of displaying this behavior.

It’s Personal Preference

In some cases, it might just come down to personal preference. Your dog might just like to eat while lying down. It’s no different to some of us who like to eat snacks on the sofa for example. If you are able to rule out health issues as the cause of this eating behavior then there isn’t really any particular reason to stop your dog from eating this way other than the potential of it causing a mess on the floor.


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