Why Your Dog Likes to Grunt and Groan When Lying Down

Does your dog like to make a strange grunt or groaning sound whenever he lies down? Well, he isn’t alone. Dogs like to make all sorts of sounds. A lot of sounds your dog may make is harmless, but if you hear him grunting or groaning as he lies down then that could get you worried whether your dog might in pain.

Your Dog is Expressing Comfort

There’s a good likelihood that your dog is simply expressing comfort when he makes a grunt sound while lying down. It’s no different to some of us who like to make a bit of grunt sound after a long day at work. There isn’t a lot that’s more pleasurable than sitting down on your comfortable chair.

In addition to the grunting sound, you may also notice other signs of contentment and pleasure from your dog. His eyes may be drifting shut and he might even be showing his belly (which is viewed as a sign of trust). If you aren’t seeing any other worrying symptoms then there’s probably nothing to worry about when your dog grunts while lying down.

Your Dog Experiences Discomfort or Pain

Unfortunately, there could be cases where the grunt or groaning is a sign of pain. For example, older dogs may start to experience joint issues like arthritis and the act of lying down may not be the most comfortable maneuver for them. You will notice if it’s a joint issue if your dog is showing other symptoms like limping and excessive licking of the joint areas.

Aside from arthritis, the groaning sound may also be due to other health issues like ascites, which occurs when there is an abnormal buildup of fluid in the dog’s stomach. We strongly suggest calling the vet for advice if your dog doesn’t seem to be his usual self lately.

Growing Pains as a Puppy

Is this happening with a fast-growing puppy? The grunting sound may also come about if you have a dog experiencing puppy growing pains. This usually happens when the bones grow at a faster rate than the body. You are more likely to experience this with medium to large-sized breeds like German Shepherds. Fortunately, puppy growing pains don’t last forever so your dog should eventually stop groaning and grunting while lying down.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


  • WILLADEAN | 01/08/2022

    My little Pom. dog is “lightly” yelping intermittenly along with a little rumbling growl sound. He’s never done this before. He’s 9 and loves taking a walk. Otherwise, that’s the only exercise he gets. His appitite is good, but thesee noises are worrying me. Any explanations? he never shows any signs of real pain and drinks lots of water.

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