3 Reasons Why Do Dogs Guard or Stare at You While You Poop

Dog Guards Pooping

One of the more awkward situations you might find yourself with your dog would when he stares or guards you while you’re pooping. There are a few different reasons why this behavior is exhibited by dogs. The good news is that there’s nothing harmful or sinister behind this curious doggy behavior.

1. Your Dog is Keeping Watch for Your Safety

Your dog simply could be keeping watch for your safety if he is staring at you while you poop. Dogs feel very vulnerable when they are pooping, so in their minds, they think you are in a vulnerable position too. Albeit, you are sitting there with your pants down, and this is a vulnerable position for many people.

Your dog is simply watching out for your safety just as when he is taking a poop and is eyeing you for backup to keep him safe during this time. Dogs stare or guard you while you poop for the same reasons why when they are pooping. Your dog also has that pack animal instinct, which means he will be there for you if you need help or if something is endangering you. He’s telling you he’s your security blanket and you’re safe.

2. It Could be a Bonding Session

They want to be with you at all times because that’s part of the pack animal mentality. This means that they have an instinct to do anything and everything with those they consider their family. Staring at you while you are pooping is basically a bonding experience between you and your dog.

When there is eye contact between a pet and the human owner, oxytocin is released. Oxytocin is the hormone responsible for love and attachment and dogs also experience this hormone just like people. The eye contact will release more oxytocin into the system, which helps create and deepen bonds between people or between animals and people.

3.Your Dog Might Just be Curious

It all could just be curiosity because your dog is fascinated by anything you do and anywhere you go. Curiosity simply means your dog is nosy and wants to know where you are going and what you are doing. He doesn’t care if the reason you left the room is personal or not, he wants to know what’s going on at all times because you are the pack leader.

How to Stop Your Dog From Following You to the Bathroom

You simply want to condition him out of the behavior if possible, which can be done using commands or crate training. Try to teach your dog to “stay” when you are going into the bathroom or possibly get him to go outside so he can go to the bathroom too. If you have a treat-motivated dog, using treats for bathroom time might also work. Another trick to try is to get specific toys that you will give to your dog while you are in the bathroom and only then. Desensitizing your dog to you getting up or leaving the room is also a great way to stop your dog from following you into the bathroom.

If you think the issue is related to separation anxiety, you may need to consult a behaviorist or veterinarian to figure out the best way to move forward. Counter-conditioning is one method you can try, but consult the behaviorist or veterinarian first due to it being a very sensitive process. If those methods don’t work, you might need to get some medication for your dog if severe separation anxiety is the real issue.

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