3 Reasons Why Cats and Dogs Hate Each Other

Cat & Dog

It’s not always true but there is a belief that cats and dogs hate each other. Some dogs and cats might be able to get along fine, while other pairs of household animals may chase or annoy each other to no end. For those in the latter group, here are a few reasons why cats and dogs hate each other.

Their Behaviors Create Natural Conflicts

The general behavior of dogs and cats don’t always align. For example, cats are more cautious and like to hang back to assess the situations. Dogs, on the other hand, are more direct and may come right at the person, object, or animal to investigate. This could cause miscommunication and eventually conflict between the dog and cat.

They Both Want Attention

This isn’t necessarily a cat vs. dog thing. It might be that both the cat and dog are fighting for the owner’s attention. Eventually, they may come to hate each other if the pet owner accidentally gives more attention to one of the household animals.

They Are Territorial or Resource-Guarding

Similar to the above point, cats and dogs may hate each other because they are guarding their resource or territory. Cats, for example, might not like it when a dog marks a specific area of the house and vice-versa. The last thing you want is for the dog and cat to “compete” for resources.

Households with dogs and cats must socialize the animals as soon as possible to prevent the conflict from becoming an all-out war. It’s possible to do as long as you take action early enough. Make it known to both animals that it’s not tolerated for them to “attack” each other, both verbally or physically.

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