3 Reasons Why Your Dog Likes to Hide or Bury His Treats

Dog Meal

You give your dog his favourite treats, but instead of eating it, he takes it somewhere else and hides it. Here are some common reasons for this strange behavior.

1. Herding is Part of a Dog’s Instinct

Herding and hunting are part of a dog’s basic instinct so it could be natural behavior for a dog to bury valuable resources such as treats and snacks. It’s not the same for every dog. Some dogs may exhibit more of these behaviors than others.

2. Your Dog isn’t Hungry

Perhaps you already fed your dog enough food prior to giving him a snack. If your dog isn’t particularly hungry then he may be hiding the snack so that he can enjoy it at another later time. This might especially be the case if your dog is afraid that you will take his treat away.

3. Your Dog Doesn’t like the Treat

It might also be the case where your dog doesn’t like the treat you offered him but he is hiding it to check if you would be offering something else the next time round. Some dogs can be quite resourceful and will find ways to get what they want without sacrificing much.

How to Stop Your Dog from Hiding Treats

It’s not necessarily bad or concerning behavior for your dog to hide treats, but it’s something you should try to avoid. For starters, it may cause a mess in the house if you don’t know where the dog is hiding his treats. Having food treats out in the open may attract unwanted pests.

The simplest way to stop your dog from hiding or hoarding his treats is to just offer enough at the right time. Try to identify patterns when your dog is exhibiting this behavior. For example, if you have been offering treats to your dog not long after a meal then either stop doing so or offer him less.

In minor cases, the treat-hiding behavior may potentially be a sign of a dog’s boredom. He might be wanting to play a game of hide-and-seek with you because he notices that you are up and about looking for the treat not long after he hides it.

It may help to entertain your dog more and get him more physical and mental exercise if boredom is a key reason for the hiding behavior.

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