Why Your Dog Consistently Howls at 3 AM

As a dog owner, it can be quite freaky when your dog howls at almost the exact same time every night. Whether that’s 3 AM, 4 AM, or later, there are some common reasons why dogs may do this.

Your Dog is Responding to Something Outside

There could be something going on outside at around 3 AM that’s causing your dog to bark. For example, 3 – 4 AM might just happen to be the time when nocturnal animals are at their most active. Your dog could just be howling in response to the animals that are within the vicinity of your house.

It might even be your neighbors. For whatever reason, your neighbor could be up at 3 AM and making some kind of noise that’s distracting your dog. Did you know that dogs can hear nearly twice as many frequencies as humans?

Your Dog is Hungry

Some dogs will howl because they are hungry. This can happen if you are giving the dogs their meal a tad bit early. If you believe the late night howling is due to the dog being hungry then you may want to either increase their calorie intake so they are getting the appropriate amount of food or feed the dog not long before bedtime.

Effects of Dementia

Unfortunately, canine cognitive dysfunction or dog dementia is quite prevalent among older dogs. Some dogs may go through behavioral changes as they get older. When the dog wakes up late at night, they may forget where they are and become anxious, which leads to the howling.

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Dog Howling

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