3 Reasons Why Your Dog Huffs and Puffs at You

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Dogs are quite expressive and some of them may even huff and puff at you. Here are a few reasons why they may do this to dog owners.

The Dog is Stressed Out

Huffing is akin to heavy panting and this typically is a sign that a dog is anxious or stressed. You might want to keep track of when your dog huffs and see if there’s anything that might be triggering the stressful reaction.

Maybe it happens whenever you are about to leave the house and the dog is huffing because the dog knows he will be alone. Or the dog might not be huffing at you. It might be a result of an unfamiliar smell or sound.

The Dog Has an Underlying Health Problem

Unusual breathing noises like huffing could also happen as a result of an underlying health problem. While unlikely, huffing might also occur if your dog has an issue with his respiratory system or it could be other problems that’s causing the dog to huff and puff in reaction to the pain.

A trip to the vet might be worthwhile if the huffing behavior suddenly developed and your dog is showing other concerning symptoms and signs along with it.

Sign of Overexcitement

Huffing could also be a positive sign. It could happen because your dog is very excited to see you. It’s important to know that certain types of dog breeds are more prone to huffing than others. These breeds may include flat-face dogs like pugs and boxers.


  • Britt | 05/12/2021

    My dog huffs at me when I’m moving to slow for her. Normally around meal time, when she needs to go outside or when it’s time to pick my daughter up from school. I’m glad I don’t understand what she is saying because I’m sure my feeling would be hurt lol.

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