3 Reasons Why Dogs Hump Me and No One Else

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Humping or mounting is not a behavior you should tolerate often from dogs, especially when you consider the reasons why a dog may do it. Naturally, people may believe humping is a sexual behavior, but in reality, dogs may do it for many other reasons.

A common question we get from dog owners is this. Why does the dog only hump me and no one else? Here are three common reasons to consider.

Your Dog is Overly-Excited

One reason dogs may mount or hump is due to having excessive excitement or positive energy. The fact that they are only humping you might be suggesting that there you are the person that the dog trusts the most in this world. Sounds cute right? Even with this positive spin, humping is not something you want to encourage as your dog may eventually do it to other people and animals.

Your Dog Wants to Play

It might be that you are the only person in the household who plays with the dog. The act of humping could simply be due to a dog wanting to play so he might do it to the individual who entertains the dog the most.

Your Dog is Stressed

Your dog might also only hump you and no one else if he is stressed. As suggested earlier, the dog might trust you the most and finds comfortable in releasing stress via the act of humping and mounting. He might not do the same with others in the household.

So for dog owners who ask why dogs hump me and no one else, it’s important to find a solution to this undesirable behavior. It might be that your dog needs more entertainment or exercise. It could also mean that there is something in the environment or home that’s triggering anxiety.

Longer-term, you might need to train your dog to “stop” via positive reinforcement so that it is easier to control this kind of behavior. Whatever you do, don’t ever punish the dog for humping as this will likely make the situation worse.


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