3 Reasons Why Your Dog Lies on the Floor and Not the Bed

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You bought a fancy new dog bed that has absolutely everything that you think your dog would ever want, yet he refuses to go absolutely near it and continues to sleep on the floor instead. This is a confusing situation that dog owners face. Why does the dog like to sleep on the floor and not on the comfy dog bed? Here are the most common reasons for this behavior.

1. The Dog isn’t Accustomed to the Bed

No matter how comfortable the dog bed is, it may still take some time for the dog to get used to it. This is especially the case for dogs that have spent their whole life sleeping on the floor. The trick to getting your dog to get accustomed to the bed is to make it a place of good memories.

For example, every time you have your dog lie on the bed, you could decide to treat him by giving him his favorite toy or a small snack. By doing so, your dog will understand that it is positive behavior to use the dog bed.

Before your dog gets accustomed to the bed, it’s important that the bed is the right fit for your dog’s size and sleeping habits. Aside from the quality of the mattress, there are some other factors you need to consider as you purchase a dog bed, such as picking the right size and whether the bed needs an elevated pillow where the dog can easily lay his head on.

2. The Dog Bed is too Warm Compared to the Floor

This could be a common reason for dog owners who live in places with a hot climate. The fabric and material of the dog bed may create too much warmth and stuffiness for your dog’s liking so he may prefer to sleep on the cool floor instead. This may also be the case for hairy dogs that already generate enough warmth through their fur.

If you think the bed is too warm then there are a couple of options to get around this. First, move the dog bed to a cooler area of the home. You wouldn’t want the dog bed to be in the path of direct sunlight during the day. Second, consider getting an elevated dog bed. These beds are designed to keep your dog cool.

3. The Dog Bed is Located in a Cold Area

Alternatively, your dog may be avoiding the bed at night because it’s too cold. Instead, you may find your dog sleeping on the floor next to the heater or any other source of warmth. If this seems to be the primary reason then you may want to experiment with placing the dog bed in a warmer part of the home, especially when fall and winter kicks in.

You could also add a blanket to the bed. Ideally, look for a pet blanket that is machine-washable and shed-resistant. Your dog will find it hard to resist with a bed + blanket combination.

Is it Bad for a Dog to Sleep on the Floor?

In some cases, sleeping on the floor may be detrimental to your dog’s health. For example, if your dog is having joint issues like arthritis then it would be much more beneficial for the dog to sleep on an orthopedic dog bed, which can alleviate some of his joint pains while sleeping.

Otherwise, there’s no significant downside to your dog sleeping on the floor. If the dog is aware of both options (the floor and the bed) but decides to sleep on the floor then let him be. As weird as it may be, it’s your dog’s choice and he may just find the floor more comfortable than the bed.


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