How to Stop Your Dog from Licking the Pillow & Bedding

Are you having to wash the pillow and other bedding material more than you would like because the dog is licking them all the time? Here are a few reasons why your dog might seem like they are obsessed with licking your pillow and ways to stop them from doing it without punishing the dog.

Your dog likes the taste or smell of the pillow

As disgusting as this may sound, perhaps there is a certain taste associated with the pillow your dog likes. This could be your sweat or any other “debris” left behind after you lay your head on the pillow. This will become more apparent the longer you leave the pillows unwashed. It could also have to do with the detergent used to clean the pillow cases. However, if this was the case, it’s likely that your dog would be licking other bedding materials that are also washed with the same detergent product.

Your dog is stressed or anxious

Unwanted behaviors like excessive licking can occur when your dog is suffering from stress or anxiety. One reason could be separation anxiety. If the dog feels stressed from being left alone then they may engage in the pillow-licking behavior to soothe their stress.

Your dog is bored

Pillow and bedding licking may also happen if your dog is bored and not getting enough stimulation. The pillow might not be the only object in the house the dog excessively licks. They may also lick or groom themselves more excessively.

Your dog is sick

This isn’t just exclusive to pillows but some dogs may lick objects excessively if they are sick. Licking could be a way for dogs to shift some of their attention away from the pain. This could be a possible reason if your pillow licking behavior only started recently. You should also check your dog and make sure they aren’t showing any other symptoms that could be indicative of an underlying health problem.

Remedies for dogs that lick pillows

First, make sure there aren’t any health problems that’s causing the excessive licking behavior. You may want to check in with the vet if you think the dog is sick. Otherwise, we would recommend making sure that your dog is getting enough mental and physical stimulation. This will reduce the effects of stress and boredom on unwanted behaviors.

You should also wash your pillow and bedding material more regularly. This isn’t just to stop your dog from licking but also for the benefit of your facial health.

Disclaimer: The content on is for informational purpose only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian when in doubt.

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