Dog Keeps Licking Your Nipples – Top 3 Reasons Why

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Here are a few common reasons that may explain a dog that has a sudden or random obsession with licking their owner’s nipples.

1. Changes in your body

Your dog may develop a sudden interest in licking your nipples because of changes that are isolated to that part of your body. This could be related to a hormonal or physical change. It could, for example, be due to the development of an infection in your nipples after you got some piercing done. In the worst case scenario, dogs may lick your nipples if they detect something cancerous in your breasts.

2. Your dog is bored

Some dogs may random lick their owner’s nipples when they are bored. They may have found out that it’s an effective way of getting your attention.

3. Pregnant ladies

Dogs have been known to lick the nipples of pregnant ladies. They may do this for a number of reasons. It could be due to the hormonal changes in your body. It could also be due to lactation. Dogs have the nose to smell human breast milk and they may want to lick your nipples because they are curious about the scent.


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