Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Keep Licking their Private Area

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A dog most likely has a health issue if he is constantly licking his private area. Here are the most common causes that may explain this excessive licking behavior.

1. Your dog has allergies

Dogs can suffer from a variety of allergies, whether that’s from food or environmental allergens. Allergic reactions can occur all over the body or can be localized to certain part. In this case, the allergic reaction may have led to itchiness around the private area. Your dog might be constantly licking it to sooth the pain and discomfort. The itchiness may also be a result of an insect bite and the dog just got unfortunate with where the insect bit.

2. Inflammation in the dog’s private area

Your dog might also be affected by some kind of infection around his or her private area. Female dogs, for example, could be affected by vaginitis. This condition results in a swollen vaginal area which can be incredible discomforting. Naturally, the dog will start licking her private area to try and get rid of the pain.

Dogs may also lick their private area due to other common infections like urinary tract infection and yeast infection. It’s important to get your dog to the vet as soon as you notice any signs of sickness in your dog’s body.

3. The dog is self-cleaning

For some dogs, it’s perfectly normal for them to lick their private area. It’s their way to keep themselves clean. There could be occasions when you can help your dog with the grooming. For example, help the dog remove any feces that may have gotten stuck within his fur. There might also be occasions when you need to help with expressing the dog’s anal glands. These steps won’t stop the behavior completely but may help reduce the frequency in which your dog licks his or her private area.


  • Linda Parker | 06/12/2021

    I am very close to my dog. We are best mates. He stresses when I go out anywhere not that it’s often. He licks his privates not his bum. Too much I think. I give him tbs for worms etc all the time. So would it be me going anywhere?

  • Jess | 11/03/2022

    My dogs lick each other and themselves. They do it when smegma is present. I try to wipe them after they go pee, but thats hard to do every time especially when I am not home. They also secrete this when they get excited too and of course lick each other. After they do this their mouth does this weird salivation and jaw tremble. How can I train them to stop this. It grosses me out so much!

  • Adele | 12/03/2022

    Pregnant dog licking her private parts.

  • Considered Meme | 13/06/2022

    I have a 7lbs (almost 2 years old) schnauzer that I have bred for the first time and the female was her first time. Since I’ve bred him he is constantly licking his private area sometimes he will go around in circles licking himself. Is this normal behavior or should I be considered about it.

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