Why Your Dog Lies in the Sun When it’s Hot Outside

Dog in the Sun

It’s super hot outside as a result of the summer heat yet your furry dog is lying under the sun as if it’s no big deal. Here are some common reasons for this behavior.

It Makes the Dog Feel Good

Even when they aren’t outside, you may have noticed that your dog has his favorite indoor spot to take in the bright sunlight. This may have to do with the fact that the sunlight is a natural mood enhancer. Did you know that sunlight exposure can affect the level serotonin in your brain? The same applies to dogs. Serotonin is the hormone associated with boosting mood so you can imagine the positive effects it would have on dogs as well.

While it may not be a dog’s direct intention, getting sunlight is also an excellent way for them to get vitamin D into their bodies. This particular mineral serves a number of important purposes in the body, such as helping the dog’s body produce phosphorus and calcium.

Sunlight Offers Warmth for Older Dogs

As dogs get older, their ability to generate internal body heat also weakens. Sunlight is an excellent way for senior dogs to maintain their body temperature. For them, the summer heat may not be as hot as you think it is.

If you let your dog outside, make sure there are plenty of spots that offer shade so the dogs can go rest as needed. You should also make sure that water is easily accessible as it’s likely that they will get thirsty fairly quickly.

Should I Let My Dog Sit in the Sun?

While it may seem worrying, you should just let your dogs be as they are smart enough to know when sun bathing time is over. As we mentioned earlier, the most important thing is to make sure your dog has access to shade and water.

A happy dog will get access to plenty of sunlight so don’t try to block out the light at home by closing the curtains. The only time you might need to get concerned would be if your dog starts to show signs of overheating, such as heavy panting and vomiting.

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