Top 3 Reasons a Male Dog Licks Other Male Dog’s Privates

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It most definitely comes across as weird for us but it may be perfectly normally for a male dog to lick the privates of another male dog. This, however, would only be if the licking happens occasionally. Compulsive licking is a different story and should not be encouraged. Here are some reasons that may explain such cases.

1. Normal for neutered or spayed dogs

The behavior of male dogs licking other male dog’s private is more common among dogs that have yet to be neutered or spayed. There are a number of benefits with getting dogs spayed with one benefit potential benefit being the reduction of unwanted behaviors such as licking the genitals of other dogs.

2. Attracted by scent and taste

There could be some kind of unique scent and taste coming from the other male dog’s privates. This scent is attracting your dog and he could start licking the privates to investigate. It’s possible that the other male dog has some kind of infection in his genitals or may have urine residue on his fur.

3. Learning about another dog

Some male dogs may lick the privates of another male dog because they are trying to learn more about them. Dogs have apocrine sweat glands all over their body. Some of these glands are concentrated around the dog’s privates. Dogs are naturally drawn to these areas and will give them a good sniff and lick. There’s a lot a dog can learn about another dog by doing so.

How to stop a dog from licking another dog’s privates

You most likely don’t need to do anything if your male dog is only doing it infrequently. Compulsive licking is a different story. It’s not encouraged as excessive licking can cause irritation in the other dog’s privates. Unsurprisingly, most dogs will also find it bothersome if another dog keeps licking their privates.

The first step is to make sure there are no health issues affecting both dogs. Next, make sure the social and physical needs are being met for the dog that continues to lick. Boredom and anxiety could be another reason for dogs that lick unusual places.


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