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Is it Normal for Dogs to Poop Over 6 Times a Day?

Dog Pooping

In one day, how many times does your dog do his business? It’s a strange question to ask, but you have to know these things as a pet owner. Knowing your pooch’s bowel movement (that includes the frequency, as well as the color and consistency of his stool) can tell you a lot about his health. For example, is it normal for your dog to poop 6 times a day?

The Normal Bowel Movement For Dogs

Surprisingly, did you know that dogs can poop one to five times per day? Yes, five times a day is still normal. You shouldn’t worry too much about the frequency though, because it will vary depending on diet, age, and overall digestive health.

With diet, if your dog is eating too much, it’s likely that he will do his business up to five times a day or even more. On the other hand, with age, you have to remember that puppies will poop more than older dogs because of the milk they consume.

Again, consistency shouldn’t be an issue especially if you see your dog active, eating the right amount of food, drinking enough water, with a seemingly happy disposition.

What Should Normal Poop Look Like?

Generally, a dog’s normal stool will be medium brown in color, firm but not too hard to pass, not runny or liquidy but moist. The odor should be mild as well. There are cases, however, where the characteristics of normal stool vary because of what your dog eats.

For example, for kibble-fed dogs, they might pass out stool with more volume. One of the main reasons for this is that kibble tends to have more fiber (about 15% more than other kinds of dog food). This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but our dog’s ancestral diet only consisted of approximately 4% to 6% fiber.

Also, if you’re feeding your dog purely kibble, his stool might be stinkier because his body is not designed to absorb some of the nutrients in this kind of dog food, and is, therefore, passing it out. Dogs who are fed raw food, on the other hand, tend to have lesser waste that’s not as stinky as those who have been fed kibble.

Both of these conditions don’t necessarily mean that your dog’s digestive system is in trouble. You should only worry if your dog has diarrhea and has had it for more than a day. In this case, the best thing to do is to visit your vet just to have things checked.

Is It Normal When Your Dog Poops 6 Times a Day?

Now, to answer the question if it is alright for your dog to poop 6 times a day. Again, the frequency isn’t a concern if your dog seems healthy and happy, and if the stool he passes isn’t runny or liquidy.

You should also watch out for other symptoms like blood or mucus in stool. There might be cases where your dog’s poop looks greasy. All of these signs point to parasites, gastrointestinal distress, or an inflamed pancreas.

Additionally, if your dog has a fever, is weak, is not eating properly, has passed loose watery stool repeatedly, you have to bring him to the vet right away. Any abnormal behavior that your dog exhibits should be a cause for concern.

Once you have spotted any red flags, don’t delay your visit for a day or two anymore. You don’t want your dog to experience dehydration, nor do you want for the problem to worsen because you did not seek medical attention for your dog in a timely manner. Before you visit your vet, be sure to collect some stool samples (fresh ones), placed in a clean container.

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