3 Reasons Why Your Dog isn’t Eating but Still Acting Normal

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There are occasions where your dog might not be eating, but you have noticed he is acting normally in every other way. When it comes to issues like this, there are various reasons why this might be happening, and it’s not always a medical issue causing the lack of interest in food. Here are a few of the biggest reasons why your dog might not be eating, but is acting normal.

1. Your Dog Has Stomach Problems

There are a multitude of stomach problems that could be preventing your dog from eating. Gastrointestinal diseases, internal parasites, and even just temporary digestion problems could be the cause. Your dog could be reducing intake to recover from these stomach problems. Temporary digestive issues, like eating too fast earlier, could be causing an upset stomach or nausea. If it doesn’t get better within a day or two, head to the veterinarian to see if there is a serious issue going on.

2. Your Dog is Becoming a Picky Eater

Dogs can simply become a picky eater, meaning he is bored with what you’ve been feeding him and just wants something new. When your dog is acting normal but not eating, it could just be that he has decided he no longer likes the ingredients in dog food. It’s possible something was added in the food he doesn’t like. Just like people, dogs can become picky eaters and change their habits over time. Pango Pets offers some solutions on what you can feed a dog that won’t eat.

3. Your Dog is Upset from a Routine Change

Any sudden change in mealtime or meals given to your dog could cause your dog not to eat. Dogs like consistency and they hate even the slightest changes from their routine. One small change could throw your dog off completely because dogs love routine. They often times will not eat until they have confidence built back up, which could take a few days. If you need to make changes to the routine, try to do it slowly over time and not all of a sudden.

How Can I Stimulate My Dog’s Appetite?

There are several different things you can do to stimulate your dog’s appetite. The first step you want to take is to go to the veterinarian to ensure there are no underlying medical issues. Your veterinarian may prescribe a certain dog food to ensure your dog is still getting all of the nutrients he needs.

If you normally use dry dog food, head to the store and buy some good canned dog food for him to try. Get a few different flavors so you can see what he likes and dislikes. Buying a rotisserie chicken and feeding the meat to your dog also might be helpful. If you purchase a chicken, don’t let him have the skin or bones due to them being dangerous for dogs.

Change up the bowls that you use to feed your dog or change where you feed your dog. Keep your dog on a schedule when it comes to feeding. Add a walk before mealtime to help stimulate his appetite. Putting the food in a toy could also help stimulate your dog’s appetite and make eating more of an enjoyable experience.

Ask the veterinarian about certain medications or medical interventions that might help your dog eat more. CBD is becoming very popular to help animals with all kinds of issues, and it’s known to stimulate appetite. If you live in an area where CBD oil is legal, then you may want to talk to your veterinarian about that. There are medications such as meclizine, which is an antihistamine that can help reduce nausea. Mirtazapine is commonly prescribed for dogs that have medical issues that hinder their ability to eat.


  • Decilen Dela cruz | 21/07/2022

    Hi,my shihtzu male eat less little by little ,this starts after my 6 shihtzu dies and he’s the one left,I don’t know what to do I offer any kind of food but he doesn’t want,but he’s okay and acting normal anyways..

  • Tracy Douglas | 10/09/2022

    My cavapoo has always been a picky eater, but now he refuses to eat anything. Maybe just a few treats. I have made him scrambled egg in the morning which he normally loves, he will drink lots of water, still act very active . I don’t know what to do. For the best! Have even gave him rice and chicken. Not even eating that now . He is a year old now. Can anyone help please 🙏

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