3 Reasons Why Your Dog is Suddenly Trying to Pee on You

A dog is suddenly trying to pee on you and you might have absolutely no clue as to what’s going on to cause this behavior. A dog peeing on anyone or anything is often a sign of dominance and marking territory, but other issues could be causing the peeing behavior. It’s important to note why your dog is peeing on you and correct it quickly so it doesn’t become more of a problem in your household.

1. Your Dog Could be “Marking” You

You probably know that dogs are some of the most territorial creatures out there. One of the most common ways that a dog marks his territory is to pee on what he considers to be his. If your dog pees on you, then he could be marking you as his own and as part of his territory. Your dog might do this if there is another dog around or people he is unfamiliar with.

2. Your Dog Could be Wanting More Attention

A dog could pee on you because they want more attention and this is known as urine marking. This is a more stressed type of peeing, so it’s not the same dominance marking you might be aware of. If your routine has changed in a way that involves your dog not getting as much attention, he might seek it out by peeing on you or on your items. The lack of attention might be due to you having a new boyfriend or girlfriend, getting another animal, working more from home, or even having a baby.

3. It Could Just be a Case of Wrong Place/Wrong Time

Sometimes a dog might pee on you because you just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Excitement peeing can happen, usually if you were gone at work all day and then walk in the door. Your dog might just get too excited to see you and then pee a little as they greet you.

The wrong place wrong time events can happen for many reasons, such as being outside with your dog and he decides to pee in the area where you are standing. You also might have missed the cue your dog needs to go outside and he simply can’t hold it in anymore.

How to Stop Your Dog From Peeing on People

If your dog is peeing on people as a response to changes in the household, it’s important to get your dog acclimated with the new situation. With a new boyfriend or girlfriend in the house, have the dog and that person interact with one another regularly. Make the new family member feed and give your dog treats, and use positive reinforcement during these situations.

You also can prevent your dog from peeing on people by recognizing the signs your dog is about to pee and correct the issue. If you notice your dog sniffing around as if he is going to pee, clap your hands or make other loud types of noise to distract him from what he’s about to do. Direct the attention to the yard and try to get him to go outside. Use positive reinforcement here too, so if he goes outside and pees there, give him a treat.

Lastly, if you feel that your dog is doing this out of stress, then you could also talk to your vet about medications to help him. This is especially helpful while you are training your dog to get used to new people, pets, or places. Medications should be a short-term fix unless medical issues are causing the peeing.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


  • David Henault | 20/02/2022

    This is a question. I just got a dog from the SPCA on 2/19/22. He is 2 years old and a very gentle and sweet dog. But when I brought him to meet my other dogs (both are female dogs) at my other friend’s house, he tried to pee on me. But I moved and he never tried it again. How do I know if he tried to pee on me as a sign of dominance or anything else? When ever I get a dog or puppy I always established I’m the dominant one, but never had one tried to pee on me.

  • Freida | 23/03/2022

    My little 3lb female dog just peed on me. I adopted her 2 years ago, and she’s never had as much love and attention as I’ve given her . About 1 year ago, I got another dog (6lbs) retired from breeding. The larger dog didn’t have one on one attention either. They both are jealous of each other, and the larger growls at the little one. I’m just the last 5 months, the tiny dog has begun to ask for attention and get into my lap. I wonder if this is why she peed in my lap. She’s peed on the sofa a few times too. Open to advise from other dog moms. They are both Yorkers.

  • Penny | 31/08/2022

    I have a question. My neighbors dog laid down belly up on my garage and peed on me in front of my dog. Was he marking me?

  • Jewel | 10/05/2023

    I have been babysitting my roommate chihuahua while she attends work. Unfortunately, when she isn’t working she doesn’t take him out for walks or bathroom as often as expected. Myself on the other hand, am the opposite. We go for walks and I devote my undivided attention alot. When she returns home from work he doesn’t want to leave my side. He’d prefer me than her. Needless to say, this is making me a bit uncomfortable. Because I know it is bothering her. So the other day when she got home he runs over to me lifts his leg and pees on me. I can’t stop wondering why this happened. Could you please suggest your thoughts and opinions on what you may or may not think or feel on this topic? I would greatly appreciate it thanks so much.

  • Markster | 13/06/2023

    Me and my fiance have a 11 month old puppy that is already house broke but he keeps peeing on my fiance. Like going out of his way to pee on her. There has been no change in routine or new dog or anything of the sort. Does anyone know why he will just pee on her only and randomly at that? He doesn’t pee on my and normally has gone out withing 30 minutes of peeing on her. I’m just at a loss at what might be causing this.

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