How Often Do Puppies Poop at 8 Weeks?

You might have just adopted a new puppy and are enjoying the many wonderful experiences that come with being a puppy parent. One interesting detail you are going to have to deal with is the fact that puppies are big on pooping. If you’ve never had a puppy before, you might not know just how often a puppy poops when they are 8 weeks, but this article will explain all of these habits to you.

Potty Behavior for 8 Weeks Old Puppies

There are a few different potty behaviors a dog owner might expect for puppies that are 8 weeks old. A puppy that is 8 weeks old is going to need to urinate about every three hours. With a puppy, it’s also common for them to have to poop within 30 minutes after eating a meal. Most puppies will also poop somewhere in the range of two times to four times per day. Of course, the number will depend on various factors such as how often the puppy eats and how much.

Once your puppy has entered 8 weeks, it’s also time to begin potty training, which can help eliminate the accidents that might occur in your home. Try to take your puppy out as much as possible, but especially in the morning and right before bed. If you aren’t going to be home during the day, it’s also good to crate train him since he’s not as likely to potty in the crate. Generally a puppy can sleep for around 7 hours during the night before needing to go to the bathroom.

Factors Affecting a Puppy’s Pooping Frequency

As you probably know, with humans there are several different factors that affect the frequency of pooping. Dogs are the same as people in this regard, meaning there are several factors that affect how many times a puppy will poop. Here are just some of the factors that affect the number of times a puppy might poop.

1. Puppies Generally Poop More

You might not have known that puppies generally just poop more than adult dogs, but that’s definitely true in most cases. Puppies are growing and have a much higher metabolism than adult dogs, so they are going to be eating more often. Since puppies are growing and need more food, it makes sense that they are going to poop much more than an adult dog.

Puppies are also different than adult dogs because they have a much smaller stomach. Due to having a smaller stomach, a puppy is going to need to be fed more often and fed less per meal. You don’t want to overfeed your puppy, but you want to feed them small meals frequently to keep up with their high metabolism.

2. Certain Diets Lead to More Poop

Corn and wheat are two common ingredients found in the lower-end puppy and dog foods. These are filler products that aren’t the healthiest option out there. Corn and wheat also contain a lot of fiber, which means that it’s going to cause your puppy to poop more. It’s better for your puppy if you purchase a higher-priced food with better ingredients.

3. The Puppy Has a Medical Condition

There are some medical conditions that might be causing your puppy to poop more than normal. One medical issue puppies can get is called dog colitis. This is basically an inflammation of the colon and it can be due to issues such as dietary changes or possible parasites. If you notice your puppy is pooping way more than normal or if blood or mucus is present, you should head to the veterinarian to make sure everything is okay.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


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